pie chartNew York State Annual Reports

Completing Your Report:

Every chartered public library is required to file a NYS Annual Report of the library’s activities and finances:
Assistance and Troubleshooting:
  • General Questions: Please contact Kristi Downham at kdownham@flls.org or 607-273-4074, x228. Please note that emails are preferred and will generally get a faster response!
  • Running Reports: Please contact Rex Helwig at rhelwig@flls.org or 607-273-4074, x240.
  • Bibliostat Collect Troubleshooting: If you experience problems with the online submission software, please call Baker & Taylor at (866) 785-9935 (not FLLS). Support is available M-F, 9am-6pm.

Presenting your Annual Report to the Community:

Every library should use their annual report statistics to their advantage, no matter how large or small you are! An annual report to the community allows you to promote and publicize the library’s accomplishments and to furnish accountability to your funding base.

Sample Reports to the Community:

2012 NYS Annual Reports for FLLS and Member Libraries:

2012 Report
2012 Report Annotations
FLLS2012 System Annual Report2012 System Annual Report notes
ApalachinAPAL 2012APAL notes 2012
AuburnAUB 2012AUB notes 2012
AuroraAUR 2012AUR notes 2012
Berkshire BERK 2012BERK notes 2012
CandorCAN 2012CAN notes 2012
CatoCATO 2012CATO notes 2012
CincinnatusCIN 2012CIN notes 2012
CortlandCORT 2012CORT notes 2012
DrydenDRY 2012DRY notes 2012
Fair HavenFAIR 2012FAIR notes 2012
GrotonGRO 2012GRO notes 2012
HomerHOM 2012HOM notes 2012
InterlakenINT 2012INT notes 2012
IthacaTCPL 2012TCPL notes 2012
LansingLAN 2012LAN notes 2012
LodiLODI 2012LODI notes 2012
MarathonMARA 2012MARA notes 2012
McGrawMCGRAW 2012MCGRAW notes 2012
MoraviaMOR 2012MOR notes 2012
Newark ValleyNEVA 2012NEVA notes 2012
NewfieldNEW 2012NEW notes 2012
NicholsNIC 2012NIC notes 2012
OvidOVID 2012OVID notes 2012
OwegoOWE 2012OWE notes 2012
Poplar RidgePOP 2012POP notes 2012
Port ByronPORT 2012PORT notes 2012
Seneca FallsSEN 2012SEN notes 2012
SpencerSPEN 2012SPEN notes 2012
TrumansburgTRU 2012TRU notes 2012
Union SpringsUNS 2012UNS notes 2012
WaterlooWAT 2012WAT notes 2012
WaverlyWAV 2012WAV notes 2012
WeedsportWEED 2012WEED notes 2012