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Member Library Item Quarantine & Hours Status

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CodeLibraryReturned ItemsService ModelHours OpenLibrary Hours
APALApalachin Library0 day quarantineOpen35Library Hours
AUBAUB-Seymour Public Library0 day quarantineOpen56Library Hours
AUROAurora Free Library0 day quarantineOpen with curbside service upon request20Library Hours
BERKBerkshire Free Library0 day quarantineOpen25Library Hours
CANCandor Free Library0 day quarantineOpen27Library Hours
CATOStewart B. Lang Memorial Library0 day quarantineOpen25Library Hours
CINKellogg Free Library0 day quarantineOpen26Library Hours
CORTCortland Free Library0 day quarantineOpen55Library Hours
DRYSouthworth Library0 day quarantineOpen32Library Hours
FAIRFair Haven Public Library0 day quarantineOpen21Library Hours
GROGroton Public Library0 day quarantineOpen42Library Hours
HOMPhillips Free Library0 day quarantineOpen37Library Hours
INTInterlaken Public Library0 day quarantineOpen27Library Hours
LANLansing Community Library0 day quarantineOpen with curbside service upon request42Library Hours
LODILodi Whittier Library0 day quarantineOpen28Library Hours
MARAPeck Memorial Library0 day quarantineOpen w/Curbside Svc on request32Library Hours
MCGRLamont Memorial Free Library0 day quarantineOpen22Library Hours
MORPowers Library0 day quarantineOpen26Library Hours
NEVATappan Spaulding Memorial Library0 day quarantineOpen25Library Hours
NEWNewfield Public Library0 day quarantineOpen37Library Hours
NICCady Library0 day quarantineOpen25Library Hours
OVIDEdith B. Ford Memorial Library0 day quarantineOpen with Masks Optional43Library Hours
OWECoburn Free Library0 day quarantineOpen34Library Hours
POPHazard Library0 day quarantineOpen20Library Hours
PORTPort Byron Library0 day quarantineOpen33Library Hours
SENFSeneca Falls Library0 day quarantineOpen60Library Hours
SPESpencer Library0 day quarantineOpen29Library Hours
TCPLTompkins County Public Library0 day quarantineOpen60Library Hours
TRUUlysses Philomathic Library0 day quarantineOpen43Library Hours
UNSSpringport Free Library0 day quarantineOpen Masks required for staff and recommended for the public.28Library Hours
WATWaterloo Library & Historical Society0 day quarantineOpen41Library Hours
WAVWaverly Free Library0 day quarantineOpen35Library Hours
WEEDWeedsport Free Library0 day quarantineOpen48Library Hours

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