One Card, Many Libraries is a service which allows library patrons from Cayuga, Cortland, Seneca, Tioga and Tompkins counties to use their current library cards to borrow materials from any of the Finger Lakes Library System’s (FLLS) 33 member libraries.

If you have several library cards throughout FLLS, we will ask you to select your “Home” library and then merge your cards into one.  We strongly encourage you to make your “Home” library the library in the community in which you live and pay taxes.

And as always, you can return your materials at any of these libraries and they will return them to the owning libraries.

One Card, Many Libraries Program Agreement


The Finger Lakes Library System (FLLS) member libraries, covering the counties of Cayuga, Cortland, Seneca, Tioga, and Tompkins have moved to a One Card, Many Libraries model that allows access to all patron records in the library system from any library. Therefore respect for each library’s information needs and policies is required. Since 2000, FLLS libraries have extended free reciprocal borrowing privileges to other members’ patrons, but often did not accept other members’ cards. This is the next step in our common goal to promote ease of access for our patrons.

The covenants listed below are intended to accomplish this goal. This agreement will be in effect beginning October 1, 2016.

Several points should be emphasized before the covenants of this agreement are set forth:

This agreement is not intended to supplant other agreements between or among libraries, nor is it intended to be the only agreement of this kind which is permitted between or among libraries of like interest or common concern.

The privileges extended to a visitor from another member library should be as similar as possible to the privileges that the library extends to its own patrons.

This agreement should in no way be interpreted as conferring rights on any borrower. The agreement is for privileges that may be revoked at any time by the borrower’s home library or withheld by the transacting library.



  1. The libraries to which this agreement applies are all of the member public libraries of the Finger Lakes Library System.
  2. The term “patron” refers to individuals identified and/or defined as such by their home library.
  3. “Transacting library” refers to the library where circulation occurs.
  4. “Home library” is where the patron is or remains registered.
  5. “Owning library” refers to the library who owns the item.


An eligible patron of any Finger Lakes Library System library may use their home library card to borrow materials that they may take away with them. Any individual known to have outstanding charges at his/her home library may be denied the right to participate in the One Card, Many Libraries program.

Participating libraries have agreed to honor FLLS member libraries’ cards.

The policies of the transacting library prevail.


All libraries must comply with privacy practices required by New York State Civil Practice Law and Rules § 4509. Library records. “Library records, which contain names or other personally identifying details regarding the users of public, free association, school, college and university libraries and library systems of this state, including but not limited to records related to the circulation of library materials, computer database searches, interlibrary loan transactions, reference queries, requests for photocopies of library materials, title reserve requests, or the use of audiovisual materials, films or records, shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed except that such records may be disclosed to the extent necessary for the proper operation of such library and shall be disclosed upon request or consent of the user or pursuant to subpoena, court order or where otherwise required by statute.”


Identification of patrons’ eligibility for privileges under this agreement varies from each library. The expiration date is set by the home library.


  1. Each library will maintain updated borrowing guidelines and fee tables on their website that will be linked to from the FLLS website at
  2. Libraries should not issue a second library card to borrowers if they have a card at any of the other libraries in the Finger Lakes Library System. However, some libraries issue a separate card to a child if that child lives in two separate households.
  3. Libraries will handle billing and reimbursement with each other following the guidelines outlined in the “Finger Lakes Library System Billing and Reimbursement Agreement.”


Each county will appoint a liaison to the One Card Committee. Duties of the liaison include advocating for their county during the committee, promoting the program to their county’s libraries, and ensuring that the library’s policies with regard to this program are maintained on the FLLS website. Problems or issues of a broader scope should be resolved among library directors or their designees.


Annually the committee will use statistical measures and evaluate the impact of a shared database using the agreed upon integrated library system, currently Polaris, and consider adjustments that may be necessary.

Member libraries and their borrowing guidelines and fee tables:

Apalachin – Apalachin Library

Auburn – Seymour Public Library

Cato – Stewart B. Lang Memorial Library

Dryden – Southworth Library Association

Ithaca – Tompkins County Public Library

Lansing – Lansing Community Library

Newfield – Newfield Public Library Folder/loan_policy.pdf

Nichols – George P. & Susan Platt Cady Library

Ovid – Edith B. Ford Memorial Library

Poplar Ridge – Hazard Library Association
Circulation Policy –
Overdue Policy –

Trumansburg – Ulysses Philomathic Public Library

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