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Computer Network Services

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How long should I keep my computer?

All Dell computers, unless there’s a specific exception, are ordered with five year warranties. For a $900 computer, that averages out to a $180 per year, or $15 per month investment. If you need to stagger replacements, FLLS recommends keeping a computer past its warranty rather than replacing before the five year mark is reached. It provides a better return on the initial investment.

How do I know when a computer was purchased?

All Dell computers have a seven character Service Tag. The tag is usually a black sticker with white writing and can be found on the top, front edge of tower computers or the left, front of a desktop laying on its side. All-in-One computers have the tag on the back, near the bottom left. Laptop Service Tags can be found on the bottom.

Visit and enter the Service Tag. On the resulting page, go to the Warranty link and the original ship date along with the warranty expiration date will be displayed.

What type of computer do you recommend for PowerPAC?

We recommend Google Chromebox devices. They have a lower cost than a computer, can be used with existing monitors, mouse, and keyboard if replacing an existing computer, and don’t require maintenance such as Windows Update. They also do not require licensed software such as Deep Freeze or Symantec. There is a licensing fee to be connected to Google Admin which allows them to be remotely managed by FLLS.

What type of computer do you recommend for LibData Reservation?

We recommend Google Chromebox devices for the same reasons they’re recommended for PowerPAC. Less expensive than computers, no maintenance is required and one Google Admin license is required while Symantec and Deep Freeze are not.

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