Computer Network Services

Computer Network Services



FALCONS Contract (152KB PDF PDF Icon Small)
Fine Update Form
 (11KB Excel Excel Document)
Member Library Branch Codes
Updating the Polaris Dates Closed Table (204KB PDF PDF Icon Small)
Using Polaris in Offline Mode (146KB PDF PDF Icon Small)
Real Property Tax Links for each County

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Bulk Computer Purchase

2016 Bulk Computer Purchase Info and Order Sheet


Recommended Computer Configuration
Recommended Computer Peripherals (e.g. Printers, Scanners)
Website Hosting Information
Wireless Internet Access

3D Printing

3D Printing


Computers & Networking

Updating Web Browser Privacy Settings for Public Computers
Windows Updates for Public Computers (407KB PDF PDF Icon Small)
Update DVD Region for Movie Playback
Monthly Computer Maintenance
Backup Your Data
Recover a Flaky or Hung Computer
Use Your Mouse


FALCONS Meeting Minutes
Website & PowerPac Stats