November 2022 Trustee Newsletter

Here’s our November 2022 Trustee Newsletter, hot off the (Canva) press! 


Attending NYLA next week?  Here’s a look at the NYLA 2022 Conference workshops sponsored by the Library Trustees Association Section. Registration is open now.

Thursday, November 3rd 1:45pm – 3pm
We will examine real-life scenarios to identify and discuss a variety of legal issues that arise
for libraries, and the laws that apply. The focus will be on the key legal issues arising for
libraries this year in the areas of governance and funding; hiring, firing, and other
employment concerns; and other areas of interest to program attendees.


Friday, November 4th 3:45pm – 5pm
A library is entrusted to its board of trustees, and led by its director. When the service of the
trustees and the responsibilities of the director are properly aligned, they create the fabric of a
strong, healthy library. But when tensions are misaligned, there can be a tangle–and the
library suffers. Join attorney and “Ask the Lawyer” service writer Stephanie Cole Adams and
members of her team for a role-play and discussion of seven common areas of board/director
“entanglements”–and help undo the knots!


Every other month, we send an e-newsletter so trustees can stay up-to-date on key issues affecting their libraries. You’ll also find information on upcoming trainings and workshops as well as highlights on important sections of the Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State.

The Finger Lakes Library System is a rich resource for libraries and boards, providing guidance on policy writing, strategic planning, director evaluation, budget and financial reviews, referendum planning, advocacy, and more. Visit our Trustee Resources page for more information. If you or your board need help with any of these or other matters please reach out to us at 607-273-4074 or email anytime.

Thank you for your commitment to your community and your library.

Trustee Handbook Book Club

Join co-authors of the Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State Jerry Nichols and Rebekkah Smith Aldrich for this fun and informative series! Each month trustees are encouraged to read a chapter of the Trustee Handbook and send in questions that the authors will address at live events throughout 2022.

Trustees from all public library systems in New York State are welcome. Library Directors from across the state are welcome to attend as well.


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