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Did you find your way to www.flls.org through a Library Mii on your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS system?




Are you from out of state or not in our service area? Thanks for visiting! Make sure you check with your local library to see what collections they might have!

Below is a list of 3DS games that support Nintendo Streetpass that FLLS currently has in their collection. We also have a robust collection of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, XBOXONE, XBOX 360, Wii U, Wii and DS games. You can place any  games on hold in our Catalog and have them delivered right to your home library!

Be sure to speak with your local librarians to see if they can host a StreetPass event!

Member Libraries Participating in StreetPass Events include:

Seymour Public Library District
Aurora Free Library
Berkshire Free Library
Candor Free Library
Steward B. Lang Memorial Library
Kellogg Free Library
Cortland Free Library
Southworth Library Association
Groton Public Library
Phillips Free Library
Peck Memorial Library
Lamont Memorial Free Library
Lansing Community Library
Newfield Public Library
George P & Susan Platt Cady Library
Edith B. Ford Memorial Library
Coburn Free Library
Hazard Library
Seneca Falls Library
Spencer Library
Tappan-Spaulding Memorial Library
Tompkins County Public Library
Ulysses Philomathic Library
Springport Free Library
Waterloo Library& Historical Society
Waverly Free Library Association
Weedsport Free Library

Join the discussion on what you want out of your StreetPass Experience in the Blog Post.

Have questions or requests? Be sure to email Amanda at aschiavulli@flls.org!

Happy Gaming!



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