Library Mii on Nintendo StreetPass

library miiDo you carry around your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS? Have you StreetPassed a FLLS Library Mii?


Please use the comment field below to generate some great StreetPass Discussion!
Some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Where would you like to see a StreetPass event?
  • What StreetPass games do you play the most?
  • How many outfits/costumes do you have for your Mii?
  • What puzzle pieces do you need?

Visit our FLLS Nintendo StreetPass Landing Zone for all your StreetPass needs.

Have no idea what a StreetPass is? Check out these StreetPass Resources:

Remember, Amanda has the 3DS and 2DS Bundle to reserve so you can familiarize yourself with these interactive programming devices! Please email her at with any questions!


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