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Choose your home library from the list below.  If you do not have a home library, choose the Finger Lakes Library System.
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Why choose my home library?

Choosing your home library will allow you to place holds on materials that may have lending restrictions limiting them to the library that owns the material. Most often these are new books. By identifying yourself to your home library you will be able to place holds on new material.

Will I need to enable cookies in my web browser?

Yes, you will need to enable cookies in your web browser.

I’m not seeing summaries and reviews from the “more info” page.

When you click on “more info” from a search results screen you should see a window open with links for small, medium and large cover images, summaries, chapter excerpts and reviews.  If you click on any of those links but do not see a new window with the requested info it may be due to pop-up blocker software.

Internet Explorer v 6.0 with Windows XP has a pop-up blocker as do newer versions of Netscape, Firefox and Opera.  You can also install pop-up blockers with Google Toolbar and similar programs.

If your pop-up blocking software allows you to add exceptions, please add syndetics.com.  In Internet Explorer click on Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy.  At the bottom of the window in the Pop-up Blocker area click the Settings button.  Type *.syndetics.com in the “Address of Web site to allow:” box and click the Add button.  Click Close and Okay.  That should allow you access to the summaries and other links from the more info window.

You can also temporarily disable pop-up blocking software while browsing the PowerPAC catalog.

What web browsers are compatible with PowerPAC?

Supported Browsers
  • Microsoft Windows
    • MS Internet explorer 7.x and newer
    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox 15.x and newer
    • Opera 12.x and newer
    • Public Web Browser (PWB) 2.0
Not Supported
  • WebTV
  • Older versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape
  • Mosaic
  • Lynx

If a browser is not on the Supported Browsers list assume that it is not supported.

The Finger Lakes Library System’s on-line catalog, PowerPAC, is powered by Polaris.

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