FALCONS Meeting Minutes – February 2019


Date: February 21, 2019

Present: Lisa Carr (AUB), Sandy Groth (AURO), Linda Kacapyr (CAN), Marcia Enright (CAN), Aimee Dorwood (CORT), Theresa Mekeel (CORT), Sara Knobel (GRO), Carol Forde (NEVA), Dani Perkins (NEW), Lisa Semenza (POP), Jen Schlossberg (TCPL), Cheryl Austin (WEED)

Via Zoom: Heidi (ALTER)*, Fran Miller (BERK)*, Gayle James (CATO)*, Allen Tompkins (FAIR)*, Priscilla Berggren-Thomas (HOM)*, Chelsea Hastings (INT)*, Mary Frank (MARA)*, Anna Chappell (PORT)*, Elizabeth Helmetsie (SPE)*, Carla Jones (UNS)*, Brandi Rozelle (WAT)*, Chris Brewster (WAV)*

Minutes of the November 15, 2018 meeting were reviewed and accepted by the members.

Introductions: Dani Perkins (Newfield)


  • Advocacy Day – legislators seem to be very interested in how the Census2020 will roll out.
  • Annual Report to the state must be in by 3/1
  • Groton:  getting ready for construction – involves deep weeding
  • TCPL:  Jennifer Schlossberg reiterated TCPL went fine free in February (any checkouts at TCPL –the transacting library.  TCPL is also waiving past fines. If member libraries see fines, it’s ok to waive the fines but not replacement cost for your patrons.
    • The FAQ the library put together has been very helpful
    • Rex will see if he can create a report that can be used as a benchmark (to measure the impact of going fine free) – a summary of the number of overdue check-ins
    • Sarah said that fine free was a big topic at ALA mid-winter – specifically about the social inequity of fines.  She referenced this TED talk: Dawn Wacek: A librarian’s case against overdue book fines
    • There was discussion about the two ways fines can be set up: 1) fine table 2) item record (overrules fine table)

Election:  elected unanimously

  • Jennifer Schlossberg, Vice Chair
  • Lisa Carr, Secretary

One Card:

  • Rex explained he would work on duplicate patron records after the recent patron purge. He intends to remove the current duplicate patron blocks, then run a script to reapply the blocks.
  • Remember the Holds Queue is based on PICKUP LIBRARY (not registered library)

Patron Purge:  Rex is working through purging patron records. 

Polaris Upgrade:

  • The upgrade was originally scheduled for 6.1, but Rex made the decision to bump to 6.2.
  • Most of the changes related to Leap.
    • Member libraries were reminded to use Leap.
    • Pay attention to workstation license
  • Some member libraries reported problems with receipts being truncated since the upgrade. Rex will look into it.
  • There is a known problem with Socket Mobile and truncating barcodes.  The scanner works with OPERA mini browser.
  • NoveList integration:  There are some issues with authentication. Rex is working on it.


  • If you are interested in scheduling regional classes, please call Jenny.
  • Classes on Polaris item maintenance, infographics, Social Media (with Nora), and Sensory Play are on the FLLS calendar.
  • Sarah stated there will be Sexual Harassment Prevention training available through FLLS sometime this year.

Computer Network Services updates:

  • Deep Freeze licensing counts are due to Eric ASAP.
  • Bulk Buy
    • Prices are within $50 of 2018 prices.
    • Eric will send out order forms in May. Orders are due in June.
    • Remember: You do not need Symantec with Win10 (If you have it, uninstall it).
    • CNS will no long do roll downs for PowerPacs.  Consider Chrome devices instead.
    • Sarah (FLLS) reminded members that the 2020 Census will be conducted online and some libraries may want to consider dedicated technology for April-May 2020.
      • If there are concerns about privacy (for completing census), please contact Rex.
  • Eric is looking into Google cloud print.
  • Licenses for MS Office:  Office 2007 is no longer supported; support for Office 2010 is ending this year.  Please plan ahead to get your Office 2019 licenses so FLLS can configure and deliver your computers without delays.
  • WordPress v5.03 included a new editor that is significantly different from previous versions. Eric stopped the update for most hosted sites and updated themes from Theme Grill and installed a plug-in.  There is a “classic editor” version for people who still want to use this instead of the newer version (Gutenberg).
  • Bring your own device printing – Rex is exploring mobile printing solutions.


Jennifer Schlossberg (TCPL) developed a process for TCPL on how to remediate pests.  Jen shared the manual she created and the process TCPL is following.  Jen is available to do a training for libraries that are interested.  Dani (Newfield) also has information regarding bedbugs/pests.  Cornell Cooperative Extension did a great program.

After discussion, Jen agreed that TCPL will treat contaminated items and for items that do not belong to TCPL, items will be bagged and sent to owning library with a big label. 

What does that library do with the problem if they do not have a hotbox?  FLLS has a small hotbox and also a large one.  Should each library have a hotbox (approximately $400)? 

The consensus was that we need a system policy.

Out of System ILLs:

This topic will be on the FLLS agenda in March.  SCRLC provides last resort ILL requests through TC3.  FLLS is not required to provide the service but chooses to keep this important service for patrons.  Sarah is proud to offer this unique service but questions how to maintain it.

There were 4600 out of system ILLs last year at the estimated cost of $25/item.  There is also a $1200 monthly OCLC cost. 

CBA funds are restricted to the purchase of nonfiction so cannot be used to help cover costs associated with this service.

If you have concerns about this topic, please reach out to Sarah.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 am (followed by lunch and program from Rob Scott, Ingram Services)

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Carr, Secretary

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