FALCONS Meeting Minutes – August 2021

FALCONS Meeting Minutes – August 19, 2021

The meeting was held on Zoom. Rex called it to order at 9:30 AM.

FLLS Staff Present: Eric Franks, Deb Geier, Sarah Glogowski, Rex Helwig, Jenny Shonk, Heidi Eckerson

Member Libraries Present: Aimee Dorward (Cortland), Allen Tompkins (Fair Haven), Amber Pasiak (Ovid), Ben Love (Port Byron), Brandi Rozelle (Waterloo), Carla Jones (Union Springs), Cathy Sorber (Apalachin), Chris Brewster (Waverly), Diane Pamel (Dryden), Drew U (Auburn), Elizabeth Helmetsie (Spencer), Erin Chapman (Newark Valley), Fran Miller (Berkshire), Gayle James (Cato), Jen Graney (Cortland), Jen Schlossberg (TCPL), Jenny Burnett (Seneca Falls), Ksana Broadwell (Trumansburg), Linda Quinn (Weedsport), Marcia Enright (Candor), Meredith Gallaro (Owego), NPL Staff, Newfield, Priscilla Berggren-Thomas (Homer), Sandra Groth (Aurora), W Gillespie (Auburn)

Introductions: Andrea Tillinghast- new director of Ovid, Heidi Eckerson FLLS, Drew at AUB director of library experience

Approval of Minutes: Diane Pamel first, Cathy Sorber seconds, minutes approved.


Sarah G. had directors meeting yesterday, cares act will be getting sent out soon with 90% first and a second check at 10%. 

Old Business

2021 Computer Bulk Purchase:

  • All computers except touch screen laptops arrived.
  • Please send staging information to Eric if you have not.
  • If you need a star printer contact Eric.
  • Payments are needed asap.

One Card Many Libraries: (Topics for discussion)                                                                               

  • Do we allow extra renewals for items owned by other libraries? TCPL wanted to check and see what other libraries are doing.  Are other libraries ok with their items being claimed returned if a patron states it was returned? Can other libraries update another libraries patrons account? Patrons are allowed to update their info at any library but have to renew their card with their home library.  
  • Rex wants everyone to make sure you are updating birth dates as well and any info that needs changing. Verify all info even if the system does not ask you for it. For example cell phone carriers tend to get overlooked, patrons will not receive notices if it is not updated.
  • Sara suggested we may need to revisit the document for one card and update it to reflect concerns. Bring committee back discuss issues, reach out to libraries for their circulation policies.
  • (Jen TCPL) will send out a survey to see what other libraries think. Sarah and Rex will look over the survey and send it out.
  • Can we put other libraries’ items in claim return/claim never had status? Rex thought this was something that should be happening already. If you wait till the item goes lost you cannot make a claim you can only check it in or waive the item.  All info for waived or check in will be lost and cannot be traced back.  Rex would like Polaris to have the option to change lost to a claim but it has not been a priority of theirs.

Update you service status if anything has changed follow the link:  https://www.flls.org/2020reopenpoll/

New Business

  • 2022 Falcons Budget review: NO increase this year.
    • Encouraging libraries to use the chrome boxes for web browsing to decrease costs.
    • Polaris maintenance up for the jump of CPIU inflation rate
    • servers maintenance due every 3 years
    • Still no travel conferences scheduled for 2022
    • Telecomm down as we continue to use e-rate.
  • Eric getting chrome box prices the $300 devices have not been available this year.
  • Polaris Leap News (Searching Titles [initial articles], Creating Quick Bibs)
    • Leap was not utilizing the initial articles as Client does, polaris enhancement is going to take place not sure when it will be available.
    • Rex shared how to create a bib record on Leap, please start using it feel free to send feedback. There is no spine label printing from leap yet please be aware of that.
  • Chilifresh Book Jackets (update on increased coverage via API)
    • Had high rates of no book jackets in the catalog, working with chilifresh to get updates and covers available in a cross match of ISBNs.
    • Currently have 500 thousand bib records and they have 87% of them covered for images.
  • Websites on hosted services: Eric was using free services, updates were daily weekly monthly.  Some were getting done in the middle of the day.  Purchased updraft plus on Tuesday in order to schedule updates at more appropriate times $145 first year $87 for all other years, website hosting will go up for those on the hosted sites.  An extra $6 total $16 this year and $4 for all others total $14.  Working to get backups for overnight there will be some delays during the day until this work is completed.  If your IP address is not in the system you will be denied access.
  • Microsoft 365 transfer migration taking place should be completed Monday, notices will be going out Tuesday. Safety issues.  No Patron notifications will be going out Friday-Monday. Security needed.

Open Discussion

  • TCPL still has no library director.
  • Does a renewal at another library count for both libraries? If it is checked out at (TCPL) it is theirs; if it is renewed at (GRO) it becomes their circulation and their responsibility to collect fees.
  • Auto renew does not work if registration renewal is not completed. Rex will look to see if a block for expiring soon can be added to Remote. Leap already tells you that it is expiring soon.

The meeting adjourned at 10:35 a.m.

Next meeting:  11/19/2021 at 9:30 a.m.

Submitted by:  Brandi Rozelle (WAT).


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