This department oversees all system operations and services, manages personnel and the budget, and interfaces with the Finger Lakes Library System Board of Trustees.
Adult Services
Adult Services provide consultation and advice on all aspects of library management, including collection development, policies, space concerns, personnel issues, and trustee issues to member librarians.
Cataloging Services maintains the union catalog database of all materials owned by the System and member libraries, and provides physical processing for locally obtained materials.  Staff is also available to assist librarians on related matters such as acquisitions and the maintenance of existing material collections.
Computer Network Services
The Computer Network Services department maintains the Polaris ILS and PowerPAC database and servers, provides training on their use, and technical support for member libraries.  CNS also provides phone and on-site support for library computers, printers, networking and internet access.
Interlibrary Loan
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services are provided to all member libraries, reading centers, correctional facilities, and other eligible institutions within the FLLS service area. Whenever materials can not be provided from the FLLS collections or the libraries in the system, FLLS will attempt to access the resources of other libraries nationwide through participation in the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) ILL network
The Outreach Department works to help our member libraries meet the library and information needs of underserved groups and people with special needs. Our targeted outreach populations include: individuals who are 65+ years old; individuals with visual, physical, or developmental disabilities; residents of institutional facilities; ethnic minorities; individuals with an educational disadvantage; job seekers; individuals who are geographically isolated; incarcerated individuals and individuals with criminal records.
FLLS provides reference support to the member libraries and correctional facilities in the service area. The FLLS Reference Consultant can provide traditional and electronic reference training to system members and works with Tompkins County Public Library staff to acquire print, audiovisual, and electronic informational resources for the benefit of all patrons in the FLLS service area.
Youth Services
Encourages member libraries to provide high quality library services for newborns through young adults by providing consultation in collection development, programming, facilities planning and coordination with community agencies.