Use Your Mouse

How-To: Use Your Mouse

Windows uses the mouse buttons to launch programs, access menu items, select files and navigate links on web pages.

Double-Click Left Mouse Button

Icons on the desktop always use a double-click of the left mouse button to launch.  Also, icons within folders such as Documents, Control Panel or Computer need to be double-clicked in order to launch them.

Single-Click Left Mouse Button

Links on web pages, menu items in programs (File, Edit, Help, etc), the Start button and all programs under it, menus accessed by right-clicking and icons on the tool bars within applications such as Word and Excel always use single left clicks.  Double-clicking on these types of menus and icons can cause unwanted side-effects.  If you single-click an icon on the desktop, within Documents, Control Panel or Computer it will only select that icon (highlight it) but won’t cause it to run.

Single-Click Right Mouse Button

A single right-click on icons, the desktop, the Start button, file names in Windows Explorer or pictures on web pages will give you access to a drop-down menu.  This menu can be used for various things like deleting files, renaming them, changing properties, or in the case of pictures on web sites, the option to save them.

Click and Drag

You can use the click and drag method to move files to different folders, move icons around your desktop or create new program shortcuts on the desktop.


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