FALCONS Meeting Minutes – May 2021

FALCONS Meeting Minutes – May 20, 2021

The meeting was held on Zoom. Rex called it to order at 9:30 AM.

FLLS Staff Present: Eric Franks, Deb Geier, Sarah Glogowski, Rex Helwig, Jenny Shonk, Nora Burrows

Member Libraries Present: Cathy Sorber (APAL), William Gillespie (AUB), Sandra Groth    (AURO), Fran Miller (BERK), Marcia Enright (CAN), Gayle James (CATO), Martha Nettleton (CIN), Theresa Mekeel (CORT), Aimee Dorward (CORT), Diane Pamel (DRY), Allen Tompkins (FAIR), Groton Public Library (GRO), Priscilla Berggren-Thomas (HOM), Susie Gutenberger Fitzpatrick (LAN), Mary Frank (MARA), Heather Cobb (MCGR), Erin Chapman (NEVA), Sue Chafee (NEW), Lisa Semenza (POP), Ben Love (PORT), Jenny Burnett (SENF), Jen Schlossberg (TCPL), Carla Jones (UNS), Chris Brewster (WAV), Diana Wendell (WEED)

Introductions: None


  • Sarah Glogowski asked that member libraries keep the Library information page up to date re: current status, hours of operation, Quarantine policies.  You can check this at: https://www.flls.org/member-library-service-status/ and if it needs to be updated, click on the update form link.
  • Rex noted that a correction was made to the February 18, 2021 minutes so that the names of the elected match their position.

Old Business

One Card:

  • Rex asked everyone to resolve duplicate patron blocks or include a note on the account with an exp Please do not create a new patron account if there is a duplicate patron block.

Datalogic Scanner programming reminder

  • If the fields still aren’t aligning when you scan a license, contact Rex.

New Business

  • Annual Computer Bulk Buy
    • The order form is now live.
    • Prices on the touch screen models and 14” laptops have increased. 2 in 1 models may cost less.
    • Chromebooks and Chrome Boxes may be in limited supply due to the increased demand during the pandemic.
  • Initiating Support from Computer Network Services
    • Rex reminds everyone that the best way to initiate a support request is to create a Help Desk Ticket. This will create a push notification as well as an email.
    • You can also send an email directly to helpdesk@flls.org.
    • If necessary, call the department phone line using ext. 237.
  • Polaris 7.0 &7.1
    • The next Polaris update will be released at the end of June.
    • Features being added to the LEAP client include:
      • Creating Bib records using a template
    • The Polaris 7.1 update will be at the end of 2021.
      • Printing spine labels directly from LEAP

Open Discussion

Diana Wendell asked if a list of all the member library’s pandemic hours, restriction, etc. could be added to the FLLS home page, possibly under the Member Libraries tab. Several other members agreed this would be helpful.

The meeting adjourned at 10:03 a.m.

Next meeting:  08/19/2021 at 9:30 a.m.

Submitted by William R. Gillespie.


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