FALCONS Meeting Minutes – February 2017

Date: February 16, 2017

Present: Chelsea Stirlen INT, Cynthia Mannino TRU, Jen Schlossberg TCPL, Elizabeth Helmetsie SPE, Meghan Malloy SENF, Stephanie Langer NEVA, Diane Pamel DRY, Shannon O’Connor OVID, Fran Miller BERK, Tammy Kubiner BERK, Mary Frank MARA, Cathy Sorber APAL, Meredith Gallaro OWE, Jacalyn Spoon CORT.

Remote Attendees: Aimee Dorward CORT, Amy May LODI, Anna Chappell PORT, Brandi Rozelle WAT, Cheryl Austin WEED, Chris Brewster WAV, Heather Cobb MCGR, Libbie Messina CATO, Lisa Semenza POP, Lisa Carr AUB, Martha Nettleton CIN, Priscilla Berggren-Thomas HOM, Sandy Groth AURO, Sara Knoble GRO, Susie Gutenberger LAN

Minutes: prepared by Shannon O’Connor, Ovid

Election of new Recording Secretary & Vice-Chair:

  1. Election of FALCONS Vice Chair: Jennifer Schlossberg – unanimous approval; Secretary: Shannon O’Connor, unanimous, Alternate Secretary: Lisa Carr

Introductions and Announcements

  1. Welcome to new Directors: Meredith Gallaro, (OWE), Chelsea Stirlen, (INT).
  2. Libbie Messina, CATO will be retiring in April
  3. Susan Currie, Director TCPL will be retiring in September
  4. Amanda’s announcements:
    • YSS Conference Out of the Box will be held in Ithaca April 28.
    • 9 scholarships for attendance were awarded
    • March 1 is the Early Bird registration
    • SRP Meeting March 16: Rosen presentations, 6 performers, marketing class, VR demo
    • Ready to Read Early Literacy Grant – handouts provided
  5. Sarah’s announcements:
    • March 1, Advocacy Day – spaces still available on the bus which stops in Ithaca, Dryden and Cortland. Cayuga County van full.
    • LTA Workshop May 6 in Broome County – focus on Legal Responsibilities & Financial Responsibilities
    • Rural Library Association Conference – St. George, Utah, after Labor Day. 1 scholarship will be awarded to attend.

Approval of Minutes – Cathy APL motions, unanimous approval

Old Business

One-Card, Many Libraries – Jen

  • FLLS page contains a list of library circulation policies to consult if you have a question about a member library.
  • Considering a potential format for circulation policies
  • Director comments: patrons wanting to hold onto TCPL cards to gain DVD borrowing privileges
  • Fines: discussion on how to handle large fines before patron merge. Some sending patron to library they owe the fines to for resolution before merging cards.

Remote desktop – Rex

  • Connectivity to remote desktops more stable
  • Noted problem with spine label printing – for each new session, open Label Manager, Tools, Default Printer, Save
  • Sandy AURO – asked to check the holds list printing issue

Google Chromebox – Eric

  • Can assign Chromeboxes to individual libraries and apply security to them
  • Potential for the bulk buy option in May
  • Let Eric know if you are interested in purchasing

Website Hosting – Eric

  • FLLS has shared hosting service site – contact Eric
  • Cuts hosting cost to <$15/year
  • FLLS will maintain your domain name
  • Unlimited server space for emails, brand email to library domain

Darien Library PowerPac Version -Rex

  • Has a nice interface
  • Consolidates Bib records to one display item
  • FLLS will consider once a release candidate is ready to test
  • Need to determine cost, if programming needed, RBDB grant possible
  • Adaptive PAC could do away with Mobile Pac
  • Uses Polaris API which we already purchased


New Business

QuickBib Processing – Deb

  • FLLS has 4,000 outstanding QB
  • Testing Back Stage Library Works to see if they can provide service to provide full MARC QB quicker

Time Warner Email – Rex

  • Time Warner is limiting external IP addresses sending email on a TW account. Limit 100 emails per hour.
  • Jan. 8, 2017 problem became evident
  • Notices and reports are being held in a sending queue, resulting in delays to TW customers
  • “Reply All” to listserv messages compounds the problem
  • Recommended all libraries move away from TW email accounts.
  • Use an email with library domain name for branding
  • Contact Eric or Rex to get help to configure TW email accounts to forward to new accounts
  • Review FLLS bulletin Feb. 2, 2017 for information related to TW email issues

2017 Computer Bulk Buy – Eric

  • Begin purchase conversations with boards, Bulk Buy forms will be passed out in May FALCONS
  • Dell All-in-Ones currently $884.75; Dell Latitude Laptops 14” screen – $854.75 – slightly lower than 2016
  • Chromeboxes will also be included in the bulk orders
  • Rex recommends taking the number of computers in your library and divide by 5. Round up. Purchasing in this manner keeps all of your computers in warranty (5 years)

Open Discussion

  • Meraki routers are available – ask Rex about pricing. Traffic can be monitored and shaped by Rex. Enterprise grade equipment. Libraries have been having a good experience with them so far.
  • FLLS will provide database numbers for annual reports
  • Diane at DRY will be sending out a survey for homeschoolers. Information will be used for her YSS presentation.
  • Diane at DRY seeking Windows 10 instructional materials to share with her volunteers
  • Cheryl at WEED asked about 813 Dewey number assigned to fiction books. Deb said up to individual libraries if you want to include that number.
  • Lisa at AUB asked Sarah to report on the Billing Meeting December 1, 2016. A reimbursement model was submitted to the FLLS board for review. The Board made changes to the document. Sarah will call a Billing Meeting in March to review to proposed changes.
  • Diane at DRY reminded everyone about the Lincoln Center programs that may be viewed free in our libraries.
  • ILL renewals – the three day request period does not include weekend. Requests are to be make 3 business days ahead of time.
  • Discussion on limiting ILL requests by format in Worldcat. A request for a quote for accelerated development has been requested.
  • Hoopla costs will have to be discussed to maintain current level of service.

Lisa Carr sent a link to Library Extension for the Chrome browser. The extension can be found here:



Lisa Carr that sent the following link to a Slate.com article about Long Overdue items in public libraries:




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