FALCONS Meeting Minutes – February 2016

FALCONS Meeting Minutes – February 2016

Date: February 18, 2016

Present: Amanda Schiavulli (FLLS), Apalachin (web conference), Auburn, Aurora, Berkshire, Candor, Cato, Cortland, Deb Geier (FLLS), Dryden, Eric Franks (FLLS), Homer, Jenny Clark (FLLS), Lansing, Linda Beins (FLLS), McGraw (web conference), Newark Valley, Newfield, Ovid, Poplar Ridge, Rex Helwig (FLLS), Sarah Glogowski (FLLS), Seneca Falls, Spencer, TCPL, Trumansburg, Union Springs, Weedsport

Absent: Cincinnatus, Fair Haven, Interlaken, Lodi, Marathon, Moravia, Nichols, Owego, Port Byron, Waterloo, Waverly

Election of Vice Chair and Recording Secretary (Rex)

  • Priscilla Berggren-Thomas – Vice Chair
  • Jen Schlossberg – recording secretary

Introductions and Announcements:


Register Now:

  • Summer Reading 2016, Thursday March 24
    • 9-Noon
    • Great lineup of new performers, crafts and all your questions answered!
  • Minecraft Training, Thursday April 7
    • 9:30-11:30am
    • Sara Knobel and Drew from GRO
  • Advocacy Everyday with Jeremy Johansen, Thursday April 21
    • 9:30-11:30am
    • More details to come!
  • Mobile Hotspots, Thursday June 16
    • 9:30-11:30
    • Ask and you shall receive!

YSS Albany 2016 – Early bird registration ends February 29th.

  • There will be no bus.
  • YSS Planning for 2017-Very excited about bringing this to Ithaca! Stay tuned for more information!

Linda (FLLS)

  • Interlibrary Loan
    • 294th ILL signed up – outside of our system
    • Rex created a custom report – how many of our items are loaned outside of system [put report path here]
    • There are still records that have the box checked for not going outside of system so members need to clean up their records. Can FLLS use their own discretion to loan out.  Let Rex know if you need help bulk changing
  • Zinio
    • over 5000 checkouts currently at 6600
    • Linda has Zinio and AskUS, and Learning Express bookmarks if you need some

Executive Director’s Announcement (Sarah G.)

  • Thank you to Linda Beins for working here for 10 years. Her last day is March 4.
  • March 2 – Advocacy Day in Albany – need people from Tioga County to attend to meet new Senator. See Sarah if you have any questions
  • Need 5 hours per week for AskUS to fill Linda’s hours
  • If you need barcodes and labels – contact Diana

Approval of Minutes

  • Any changes? None
  • Libby approved Stephanie seconds – unanimous approval

Old Business

Common Card Committee (Lisa Carr and the Common Card Committee)

  • What does it mean to have a common card
  • This is just an obstacle that we can work through
  • We can always work through issues
  • Can’t move forward until we have approval from the group
  • Start opening in June 1 (Wednesday)
  • The system and the committee have made a commitment to patron services
  • If we vote to make the commitment, then we can resolve the issues. We will never launch if we have to have to solve all problems first.
  • Shannon motions to move to common card June 1, Annette seconds
  • Vote Results: CATO, WEED, AUB, HOM, BERK, CORT, DRY, AURO, POP, OVID, TCPL, TRU, NEVA, LAN, SPE, SENF, FLLS, NEW, UNS, MCGR, APAL voted in favor. CAN abstained and CINC, FAIR, GRO, INT, LODI, MARA, MOR, NIC, OWE, PORT, WAT & WAV were absent.  The motion carried since we had a quorum.
  • Duplicate patron block
  • When patron’s owe money and not merge records
  • Best-practices guide
  • County meetings need to resume
  • Lisa will set meeting time and send her comments if you have any.

Network Upgrades and how to pay (Rex)

  • File erate application category 2 Meraki routers which are cloud-managed – 19 out of 25 will filter
  • Make sure you look at CIPA checklist to make sure you are following all of the filtering guidelines
  • Need to keep paperwork for 10 years – before July 1 Rex will send out email

FALCONS (Lisa Carr)

  • what do you want and need. Timing is issue, but they can call in.  If there is something you want to see, please let Lisa know.  Lisa will talk to Jenny about a survey

eContent Contribution/Streaming Video (Amanda)

  • most libraries have submitted their forms about streaming videos, OverDrive completely sustained w/o FLLS contribution
  • Use FLLS overdrive money to move forward with Hoopla for 2 years, each patron 10 circs per month, 400,000 titles, only pay for what you use, audiobooks, graphic novels enough money 3 circs per patrons per month $14,000 difference between 3 and 10 circs
  • Every library will have their own account. Equal across the board, can’t add your own money to own account yet.  16 aud 1.49 …
  • Authenticate SIP 2
  • Has an app or website
  • If you can get on browser then get on TV
  • What do patrons see when out of uses
  • Music is out that day, movies depends of publisher
  • 6 – 8 week turnover time – launching in June

Recorded Books (Linda)

  • Meet with Roger from Recorded Books for Digital One-Click – if you buy an audiobook then you can get a special download edition
  • Tuesday the February 23 at 10:00 in Board room – meeting with Recorded Books – since we have Zinio there is no platform fee

New Business

Training Opportunities (Jenny)

  • February – PowerPAC, Zinio, Novelist
  • Polaris new users
  • Windows 8.1 and 10 check out their website for details

Web-hosting (Eric)

  • see Eric’s email – get member libraries to host their own site (11 total)
  • Hosting package form In-Motion $199 a year total for unlimited usage
  • org
  • Can use WordPress, Drupl, Joomla
  • Migration is pretty quick
  • FLLS responsibilities – handout distributed titled, “Website Hosting Proposal”
    • In-Motion does backups, but Eric encourages that you also do you own backup

Open Discussion

  • Annette Birdsall (TRU) – March 20 there will be a Solar Equinox party at UPL to celebrate their new solar panels that will generate 100% of their electricity.
  • Lisa Carr (AUB) – Found library on west coast that uses Amazon with Polaris acquisitions.
  • Rex
    • With the Polaris upgrade you can now download and place holds on Overdrive through PowerPAC
    • PowerPAC and LEAP SP 2 and 3 What’s New – documentation for Polaris will be sent out
    • Value of your library visit on the bottom of the checkout receipt comming – message on receipt , amount of totals, note at bottom saying how much is it worth, if no price in item record don’t grab default price from item table coming for this year, the setting can be turned on or off by library






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