Attendees: AUB-Lisa Carr, Jill Hand, AURO-Sandy Groth, CAN-Linda Kacapyr, Marie, CINC-Martha Nettleton, CORT-Jacalyn Spoon, DRY-Diane Pamel, GRO-Drew Montreuil, POP-Lisa Semenza, PORT-Anna Chapelle, SENF-Meghan Molloy, TCPL-Annette Birdsall, UNS-Carla Jones, WEED-Cheryl Austin, FLLS-Amanda Schiavulli, Deb Geier, Eric Franks, Jenny Shonk

Remote Attendees:   BERK-Fran Miller, CATO-Caroline Chatterton, CORT-Aimee D., INT-Chelsea Stirlen, LAN-Susie Gutenberger, NEW-Tammy Kubinec, OVID-Shannon O’Connor, OWE-Meredith Gallaro, TRU-Heather Tielens, WAV-Chris Brewster

Minutes: prepared by Lisa Carr, Auburn

Election of new Recording Secretary and Vice-Chair:

Motion to accept Lisa Semenza as Vice-Chair and Lisa Carr as Recording Secretary proposed by Annette Birdsall, seconded by Meghan Molloy.  The motion was approved unanimously.

Introductions and Announcements:

  • Amanda Schiavulli
  • Upcoming meetings: 3/15 for Summer Reading, 5/11 Reference Summit at Hopshire Farm  & Brewery
  • Free slat wall accessories – let Amanda know ASAP if you want any items
  • Annette Birdsall provided a Central Book Aid (CBA) purchase request form and phone/email contact for reference requests from member libraries.

Motion to approve minutes as amended made by Lisa Semenza, seconded by Annette Birdsall. The motion was approved unanimously.


Old Business

One Card, Many Libraries

  • No problems reported other than some staff disregarding duplicate patron blocks. Rex will refresh the Duplicate Patron record sets so each library can review and correct as necessary.
  • Note: Overdrive does not merge accounts.  Overdrive uses the Patron Record ID not the Patron Barcode so if you issue a new library barcode, Overdrive still sees this as the same account as long as any existing items out or holds are on the remaining card.
  • Lisa Carr will schedule a One Card committee meeting in April. If you have any issues or want to add to the agenda, please email Lisa.


PowerPAC design Committee

  • Rex will schedule a meeting.  Jacalyn Spoon asked for Rex is give us deadlines when he wants feedback on design decisions.


New Business

Computer Issues

  • Eric reported on reboot issues probably due to a January Microsoft security update. If there is a problem with a computer, let the reboot go for an hour.  If it still won’t boot up, call Eric.  If the PC does come back up, you should thaw Deepfreeze and restart the PC so the Windows update can finish installing.  Don’t forget to re-freeze.
  • There is a Deepfreeze update (v 8.51). Call Eric to schedule. 
  • Eric is looking at putting together the bulk boy for this spring. For budgeting/forecasting purposes, use the same prices as last year.  Eric will have forms and new pricing at the next FALCONS meeting.
    • Replace all XP machines!
    • If you are replacing a PowerPAC, a Chromebox is a good alternative to a full-blown PC.
  • Rex gave an update about the Win10 Fall Creator’s Edition; your PC should be running the new version (v. 1709). To find out what version your PC is running, type “about my PC” in the Windows search bar in the lower left part of your screen.  Under Windows specifications, you can see what version is currently running.  Rex stated that if the update fails, it keeps trying and will use up bandwidth.  If you have problems with this update, please call CNS.


Polaris Ask Us Reference

  • Jenny Shonk reminded everyone that AskUs 24/7 is gone. Please remove references to this service from your website.
  • Rex explained there is a Polaris AskUs that can be turned on and sent to individual emails. If your library wants the reference email, please let Rex know.  If no individual email, the default will go to Jenny.


OverDrive & eContent

  • Amanda asked everyone to fill out the form pertaining to contributing to eContent.
  • Who’s using the Overdrive app Libby? If you want marketing materials, let Amanda know.
  • Overdrive has a cost per circ model that Amanda is looking at to alleviate long hold times.
  • There was a discussion about Overdrive’s “Get a Library Card” program. This allows anyone to use their cell phone to link to their local library and check out digital content.  There is a cost to this program – about 99 cents for each registration.  This program does not work with Polaris, so patrons with fines could check out materials.
    • Annette said this takes the library out of the equation and allowing Overdrive to take over.
    • Amanda said this could be great, but only if you could put in limits (ex: you can check out 1-2 items but then have to get a library card).
    • Rex said he would prefer that the program work with the Polaris API
  • Hoopla: Amanda gave an update on Hoopla.  We’re in the second year of funding from the Friends of Tompkins Library.  How can FLLS make this program sustainable? Each library will now get their own Hoopla account.  Amanda is looking at billing libraries by usage.  Amanda presented an option where each library gets a portion of the Friends funding that equates to the percentage of usage (ex: if 5% of the patrons using Hoopla are registered at your library, your library would get 5% of the $20,000 from the Friends).
    • Rex noted that Hoopla usage could be driven by internet availability and cost.
    • FLLS in considering the possibility of integrating Hoopla records into the PAC.
  • Amanda also talked briefly about another streaming service, Kanopy. If you’re interested in a free trial, let Amanda know.



  • Rex noted the new web conferencing software, Zoom, was being used to include library representatives who could not attend the meeting in person. The licensing for Zoom is through Tech Soup and there is some availability to member libraries for webcasting.  Please talk to Rex if you’re interested.
  • More information is available at zoom.us


Open Discussion

  • It’s the 60th anniversary of FLLS.
  • JobNow stats for January alone exceed the entire year for Learning Express.
  • Jenny sent out an email about training requests. She will do genealogy workshops for the public as well. 
  • RB Digital stats are down; not getting marketing information. Flipster is an option and has Consumer Reports.  Amanda will keep us updated.
  • Mango Languages contact is up in July. We will talk about renewing contract (or not) at the April meeting.


Approval pending May meeting

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