FALCONS Meeting Minutes – August 2016

Date: August 18, 2016

Present: Xun Jiang (Nichols), Fran Howe (Candor), Rex (FLLS), Lisa Carr (Auburn), Cheryl Austin (Weedsport), Priscilla Berggren-Thomas (Homer), Diane Pamel (Dryden), Michelle Calupca (Lansing), Deborah Geier (FLLS), Lisa Semenza (Poplar Ridge), Eric Franks (FLLS), Amanda Schiavulli (FLLS), Sandy Groth (Aurora), Tammy Kubinec (Newfield), Jacie Spoon (Cortland), Aimee Dorward (Cortland), Jen Schlossberg (TCPL), Shannon O’Connor (Ovid), Stephanie Langer (Newark Valley), Libbie Messina (Cato)

Online: Sara Knobel (Groton), Cathy Sorber (Apalachin), Meghan Molloy (Seneca Falls), Brandi Rozelle (Waterloo), Chris Brewster (Waverly)

Introduction and Announcements


  • Summer Reading final survey report is up at website under Summer Reading
  • Workshops coming up – listed on the calendar
  • Nominate a staff member for an system awards – due August 26
  • Scholarship – Priscilla Berggren-Thomas won the FLLS scholarship for a trip to Rural Small Library Conference in Fargo, ND.

Member announcements

  • Cortland Open House on Friday, September 16 from 5:00 – 8:00
  • Aurora Annual Fundraiser at the Aurora Inn September 6
  • Weedsport is celebrating 20 years in new building on Friday, September 30 from 3:00 – 7:00
  • September 10 – Auburn Tomato Fest to raise money for food pantry is moving downtown Cayuga County gaming truck 10-4 at Seymour library
  • Shannon – Words, Wine, Cider event 4 course meal $45 ticket Friday, August 26 from 6:00 – 9:00
  • Diane encourages anyone who wants help with grant writing for NY council of the arts programs. They have canned programs (True Crime, etc…)

Amanda said that members can send their events to her and she can put them on the FLLS calendar.


  • Rex emailed minutes
  • Priscilla Berggren-Thomas motions to approve with no corrections and Fran Howe seconds
  • Unanimous in favor

Old Business

Training opportunities

  • Listed training opportunities which are also on the calendar
  • Green cards – login for the protected part of the website with all of her help documents

Annual Computer Bulk Buy

  • All came with Windows 7 installed with 10 upgrade
  • What version of Office you want on it and license key? Let Eric know Office 2016 Standard is the newest version (does not have Access) If you have 2010 need to purchase 2016 because it doesn’t have software assurance 2016 has software assurance FLLS will do a libdata upgrade – works with Chrome books

Network equipment

  • All the Meraki router and 2 access points at Homer
  • Rex can see how much time people can view Google video – can use info to trim down what people can do
  • Assigning all new subnets


  • Passed around statistics with info about what we would be charged if FLLS was going to charge us which they are not.
  • Funding is secured through 2017
  • Erin from Hoopla can help do promotions at each individual library
  • Amanda will send out Erin’s information the breakdown of formats
  • Chrome cast works with it and Apple TV, Roku coming

One Card, Many Libraries

  • No questions about FAQs except PSTAT2 –Fran
  • Rewrite report to aggregate based on stat class – Rex (get details from Rex)
  • Fairhaven will get vacationers
  • Best practices:
    • The One Card committee will develop best practices as they go.
    • What is the “home” library? Ideally where a patron pays their taxes. Holds matrix can be affected by home library – perhaps we need to have a larger discussion about this? First in, first out Use the “pick up at my library” Prefix used to be what overdrive stats reported, but now they use home library The prefix is becoming less and less important Hoopla – whatever the home library in Polaris is who is getting charged
  • Jen Schlossberg presented the “One Card, Many Libraries Program Agreement” which can be viewed at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Nj4PscBPaA0J- 8ffY5DiAvVGhmh05yy8SlXujhOWbwY/edit?usp=sharing. Group needs to look at the larger discussion about payment to members.
  • Jen Schlossberg agreed to initiate a discussion about billing/reimbursement due to concerns that the group had.
  • One Card committee needs representation from each county: Cortland County – Jacie Spoon, Tompkins County – Annette Birdsall (TRU), Seneca County – Shannon O’Connor (OVID), Tioga County – Fran Howe (CAN), Cayuga County – Lisa Carr (AUB), Central Library – Jen Schlossberg (TCPL)

New Business

Jenny Shonk (née Clark) will be moving to a librarian position now that she has completed her MLIS. She will provide training, outreach, and reference assistance. The position won’t be starting until mid- September.

2017 FALCONS Draft Budget

  • Budget was distributed
  • Public Web Browser price is increasing – up $2,000
  • Polaris software maintenance – now going up 3.5% a year

Polaris Upgrade New Features

  • Polaris is upgrading to 5.1 service pack 1
  • Wednesday, September 28, 2016 from 8:00 a.m. to noon
  • What’s New document was emailed out Some highlights: Prefill expire and renew Missing part check-in will clear immediately before being held Floating collections and load-balance Improved forgot-my-password feature Improved Acquisitions Many LEAP additions – building the next module which is cataloging
  • Rex was pleased to see that Innovative Interfaces (iii) is still actively modifying and developing Polaris


  • Lisa Carr wants to officially announce her dislike of the PowerPAC interface. She is interested in a discovery layer like the one used at Darien Library https://www.darienlibrary.org/catalog which has an overlay over the PAC.

Priscilla Berggren-Thomas motioned for an adjournment which was seconded and approved.

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