Present: Stephanie Langer NEVA, Susie Gutenberg LAN, Fran Howe CAN, Jen Schlossberg TCPL; Shannon O’Connor OVID, Cheryl Austin WEED, Jacalyn Spoon CORT, Aimee Dowars Meghan Malloy SENF, Tammy Kubinec NEW, Sandy Groth AURO, Lisa Semenza POP, Sara Knoble GRO, Diane Pamel DRY, Annette Birdsall, TRU, Jenny Shonk FLLS, Chris Brewster, WAV, Amanda Schiavulli FLLS, Caroline Chatterton CATO, Cathy Sorber APAL, Deborah Geier FLLS, Rex Helwig FLLS.

Remote Attendees: Anna Chappell PORT , Chelsea Stirlen INT, Carla Piperno-Jones UNS, Brandi  Rozelle WAT.

Minutes: prepared by Shannon O’Connor, Ovid

Introductions and Announcements:

  1. Welcome to Connie Wilson and Vince Messina, Innovative III
  2. Jen Schlossberg: TCPL had two finalists for the directorship – Annette Birdsall, TRU and Lisa Carr, AUB Sara Glogowski via Amanda: TCPL serves as the system’s central library and everyone is invited to be present for the public interviews. Jen can take questions to the interviews if you have any.
  3. Amanda: Youth Service Advisory Mtg. Sept. 14. Everyone Serves Families Workshop Sept. 28. e-Content purchasing, Amanda will have a meeting regarding actual purchases. Libraries can choose to have FLLS purchase on their behalf.
    Please complete the collection purchasing survey.
  4. WEED – closed for 1 week for carpet replacement, ILL’s still going. WAV – renovation – closed last week of Aug.
  5. Diane – no more solar glasses
  6. Lisa – Cayuga County will restart Cayuga Reads and copies of the title will be purchased for Cayuga Count libraries. AUB is using Bullet Aid to digitize microfilm.
  7. Annette – TRU going fine free Sept. 1. This effects transactions done in the TRU library.
  8. NEW – adding 8 hours to their weekly schedule.
  9. Jen – TCPL opening teen center and maker space, and local history room Oct. 13. This grand opening is also the sendoff for retiring director Susan Currie. Looking to go fine free on picture books.

Approval of minutes – Diane motions, Cheryl seconds. Unanimous


Old Business

One Card, Many Libraries

Rex – Libraries are not paying attention to blocks. Please note duplicate patron blocks and outdated addresses. Libraries are still working through duplicate patron blocks.

2017 Computer Bulk Buy

Eric – still staging computer and needs licensing information from libraries.

Polaris v. 5.5

  • Rex – PowerPac will be device friendly and will adjust to your device. Currently, the Training Server content is 3 weeks behind. Mobile device friendly first.
  • LEAP – we will be moving to LEAP. Wireless Bluetooth scanner best to use on a tablet. Jenny has scheduled LEAP classes in the fall.
  • FLLS moving to fiber.


New Business

FALCONS Budget– Rex

  • Budget Draft – No Polaris fee increase in 2018. Rex does not want to increase back-to-back years and currently no full time training staff. Removed Help Desk software, moving towards a help desk ticketing system.
  • Innovative currently proposing a 5% cost increase which Rex is negotiating.
  • Supply costs – libraries should move away from mailing overdue notices.
  • Switching to fiber, minimal cost increase
  • Rex can help with e-rate paperwork to help reduce internet costs in libraries.
  • Rex still looking to work on legislative grants to install fiber in member libraries.

Library Loan Lending Policy for Member Libraries – Jenny

  • Library Loan lending policy chart distributed and available online under resources. Last updates on document were 2014. If libraries have changes, send these to both Jenny and Rex.
  • Item maintenance class is strongly recommended for all libraries.
  • Rex – libraries can make their own Item template but need to follow the naming convention.

Reconstitute PowerPac Design Committee – Rex

  • Looking for participants to meet.

Old QuickBibs – Rex

  • Backstage Library Works exported quickbibs, but need the ISBN and UPC. Also, there are bibs with misspellings and titles that include A, An, The which should not be in title field.
  • Rex will send out a memo explaining how to search for incomplete quickbibs so that each library can fix their records.
  • BOCD – do not put the number of discs in the volume field. If you are going to split a disc collection and count discs, let Rex or Deb know so all records for that title can reflect a disc count.

FLLS Direct Access Plan update 2017-2021 – Sarah via Amanda

  • Wording was added to reflect the One Card.
  • Will host a DAC level meeting to address libraries charging non-residents a fee.
  • Jen asked how out of system ILL’s impact the hardship level? Rex will follow up with Sarah.
  • Vote to approve the Direct Access Plan – unanimous

Discussion on Fine Handling and Write-Off – Jacie

  • CORT is writing off debt six years or older from their accounts receivables in their financial records and plans to delete associated patron accounts and fines from Polaris but expressed concern that this will affect other libraries. CORT wrote a patron purge policy and urged each library to adopt one.
  • Some libraries are handling the purging of patron as a procedure rather than a policy.
  • FLLS recommends a yearly purge of patrons with 3 years of inactivity. Each library sets a fine amount when purging inactive patrons.
  • Common Card Committee will meet and discuss the implications of purging patrons with outstanding fines.
  • Libraries shared various ways they handle fine forgiveness – food drives, forgiveness announcements, reading, working off fines and working with patrons to get them back into the library
  • It was decided that purging old fines and patrons is CORTs decision alone and would not affect other libraries.
  • It was decided that Patron Purge and Associated Fines will be discussed further at the next One Card meeting.


Open Discussion

Eric – Powerpac computers – every two years license need to be renewed. Will send out instructions.

Lisa – Acquisition model pretty user friendly and efficient

JEN – would like to have electronically store signatures. Innovative Vince: has been recommended as an enhancement

Annette – How secure is LEAP in regards to access and privacy? Rex will look into LEAP login. Reach out to Rex for LEAP assistance.

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