FALCONS Meeting Minutes – May 2020

FALCONS Meeting Minutes May 21, 2020

Date: 5/21/2020

Minutes:  Motion to accept minutes as amended with attendees made by Linda [CAN]; second by Martha [CIN]. Carried.

Old Business

  • One Card (Rex): Patron purge is complete. Suspected duplicate patron records have had a Block applied.  Member libraries should always:
    1. Use middle name preferably or at the very least a middle initial
    2. Update DOB on patron records
    3. If you merge patron records, remove DUPLICATE PATRON block (this must be done manually).
  • BYOD printing (Rex): looking at products, specifically Princh. On hold due to pandemic.
  • Census 2020 (Rex): Libraries have a separate SSID wifi for Census site. 
    1. Jenny has content to use on Instagram
  • NY Shield Act (Rex)
    1. DO NOT put credit card, driver’s license or other identifying numbers in Polaris.
    2. Rex will develop a program to reprogram barcode scanners to ignore DL info.
    3. Review your policies to make sure you adhere to this law.

New Business

  • Bulk Buy (Eric): the list of options has been limited to streamline the process.  Not sure of dates for ordering yet.  Eric will send an email with form, dates, and other information.
    1. Replace Win7 machines
  • Washable keyboards (using a USB connection) are available in the bulk buy process.
    1. Unplug keyboard before wiping down
    2. If you have a regular keyboard, use wipes not sprays.
    3. ****Monitors: use special monitoring cleaning wipes if necessary. Do not use disinfectant wipes ****
      1. You can use disinfectant wipes on touch screen monitors.
  • Restarting Services
    1. Place holds on anything but only your library can fulfill hold. Hold queue is based on pick up location.
    2. UMS has text process (and desktop option) for curbside pickup. $195/library
    3. Use the FLLS form provided by Rex to tell him your library hours and when you will be open for services (and what those services will be).
    4. Rex can update the HOLD notice.
      1. Text limit is 140 characters
      2. Telephony cannot be modified so let Rex know if you need it turned off.
  • Rex can change all notices to email if set to telephony.
  1. Staff passwords will have expired during the shutdown. Staff can update from home using LEAP “Password Reset Recovery” app.
  2. Rex changed expired holds date to July 31st and status to ACTIVE.
  3. Rex can add a “page” above carousel for PAC.

Open Discussion

  • Rex mentioned REALM study; first reporting due 6/15
  • ILL: out of system ILL is off. There is no access to Worldcat.
  • Hold notices go out at 7:30am and 6:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Carr, recording secretary


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