Falcons Meeting Minutes May 2023

Falcons Meeting Minutes – May 18, 2023

The meeting was held on Zoom. Rex called it to order at 9:30 AM.
Minutes submitted by Mary Ann Frank – MARA

FLLS Staff Present: Eric Franks, Deborah Geier, Heidi Eckerson, Jenny Shonk, Rex Helwig, Sarah Glogowski

Member Libraries Present:   Sara Knobel (GRO), Allison Payne, Diane Pamel (DRY), Allen Tompkins (FAIR), Andrea Tillinghast (OVID), Becky Grace (WAV), Mary Lovell(AUB), Erin Chapman (NEVA), Gayle James (CATO), Aimee Dorward, (CORT), Jenny Burnett (SENF), Laura Mielenhausen (TRU), Linda Quinn (WEED), Lisa Semenza (POP), Marcia Enright (CAN), Martha Nettleton (CIN), Mary Ann Frank (MARA), Sandra Groth (AURO), Michelle Calupca (LAN), Tracy Savard (APAL)

Introductions & Announcements:

Sarah’s Announcements

  • All referendums that were presented did pass.  Please get the info to Sarah about the amount allocated, yes & no votes as soon as possible.
  • The Department of Labor website will have the Sexual harassment information – wording for the policy plus a complaint form.  She will send an email out with this info.

Jenny’s Announcements

  • Let Jenny know if you have someone on staff that you want to attend the Item Maintenance training.

Rex’s Announcements

  • This is his last Falcon’s meeting.  He is retiring on June 30, 2023.  His start date was October 2, 1995.

Old Business

  1. 2023 Bulk Computer Buy Information – Eric informed us that the forms should be submitted to him by May 26th at noon. 
  2. Microsoft Office can be purchased through tech soup for $36 for public use computers or $118 for staff computers.  Another option is to use Free Office that allows you to have many of the office advantages, except for Publisher.  Free Office has minimal adds and much if not all of the functionality of Microsoft Office.
  3. If you have an Ithaca receipt printer, you will need to upgrade it to a STAR receipt printer.  Let Eric know.  The cost of that is around $200.
  4. Deep Freeze licenses do transfer when replacing old computers.  Staff computers do not need Deep Freeze.  If you are adding a new computer that is not being replaced, then you need to purchase a Deep Freeze license.
  5. PowerPac computers – if you are replacing a PowerPac computer a good option is a chromebox device.  If you need a monitor you can purchase one for under $100 and mouse/keyboard for around $20.
  6. Computers are expected mid-June.  Get the info to Eric about Microsoft Office key, staff or public etc.  There might be some done remotely or Eric might bring the new person to introduce to the libraries.

Approval of Minutes

  • Approval of minutes from February 16, 2023, Sandy Groth made the motion, seconded by Sara Knobel, none apposed.

New Business

Polaris after hours upgrade

  • There is a cost of about $3000 plus an additional amount to pay staff for working to do the upgrades when all libraries are closed.  There is an average of 2 upgrades a year usually in December and May/June.
  • 7.4 upgrade will include a LEAP upgrade giving it more flexibility and functionality.
  • Sarah mentioned that we can open a conversation about the timing of the upgrades.

Innovative User Group Conference

  • Rex attended the conference in Arizona.  The Innovative User Group has experienced a significant drop in the group.
  • 7.5 update will have an upgrade where there can be multiple pick up locations chosen, including curbside if that is offered, a weeding work flow, disclose damage, age related loan policies.
  • 7.6 upgrade will include full marc editor, where you can copy one marc record and transfer it to another.

Rex wondered of any libraries had new items such as library of things items that needed fine perimeters.  Sarah mentioned that many libraries have gone fine free.  Martha Nettleton wrote in the chat that Cincinnatus is now fine free.  Sarah also mentioned that bullet aid letters are due by 5 pm today.

Questions – Laura Mielenhausen asked if there is any option for offline that she doesn’t know about as she had 5 to 6 delivery bags as well as all the returns from a story time during an upgrade?  Rex said you can check in but it is unable to link up holds.  We don’t recommend checking items in because of that.  Laura asked about the age-related limits, what is that for?  Rex said for “R” rated movies.  He isn’t sure if it will be a checked item or a drop-down menu.  It isn’t until 7.5 so not yet.  However, he said it is important to get the birth dates correct so that it can be established.  Laura mentioned that she was concerned that it would be for books that are censored for children.  Sarah assured us that is not the case.

Rex will send us a new after hours support so that we do not call him after he retires.

Meeting adjourned at 10:33 am.

Next meeting is August 17, 2023.

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