Sample Policies


Please check back here periodically as we add new templates for policies. Visit the Library Trustees Association of New York State’s website for samples of approved policies from libraries throughout New York State.

For resources on roles of the library and policy development, see the updated 2018 Edition of the Handbook for Library Trustees in New York State

Confused about your role at the library? Check this quick cheat sheet for a breakdown of roles adapted from the Handbook.

Non-Profit Revitalization Act of 2013

The following requirements became effective on July 1, 2014. See the template section for samples of these policies:

Conflict of Interest Policy

Applies to: 

  • association libraries
  • public libraries
  • public library systems
  • reference and research library resources systems


Applies to only those above libraries and system that meet BOTH of the following requirements:

  • have 20 or more employees AND
  • in the prior fiscal year had annual revenue in excess of one million dollars.

It is recommended by the New York State Department of Library Development that boards adopt the following standard ALA policies:

Boards and directors should develop policies which cover:

Personnel policies, at a minimum, should cover the following items:

  • Benefits
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Personnel Procedures (e.g., Grievance, evaluation, promotion, retirement, etc.)
  • Salaries, Position, Classification
  • Schedules, Hours
  • Staff Development, Continuing Education
  • Vacation and Leave

Visit the State Library’s Website for more information on minimum standards for NYS Libraries.

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