Monthly Computer Maintenance

Monthly Computer Maintenance

Monthly computer maintenance is necessary to keep your computers at optimum performance levels. You will have to thaw and re-freeze Deep Freeze during your updates process. 

Symantec Anti-Virus

On a monthly basis, FLLS recommends using your anti-virus software to do a complete system scan on your computers.  This will help detect any virus that may have slipped in between your weekly definition updates.  This process can take some time depending on the speed of your computer, the version of the anti-virus software and the number of files and programs you have installed.  On average, it may take about a half hour to run. Public computers will require manual updates each month. Staff computers should be set to automatically install updates.

Windows Updates (Includes Office)

Microsoft Windows and Office updates can be as important as the anti-virus updates at times.  Microsoft will use the Windows Update function to patch security holes, fix program bugs and add functionality to existing programs.  FLLS recommends doing monthly Windows and Office updates. Apply all Important Office updates that are available.

Download the Monthly Computer Updates for Public Computers Checklist to use each month!