Present: Shannon O’Connor OVID, Cheryl Austin WEED, Jacalyn Spoon CORT, Meghan Malloy SENF, Sandy Groth AURO, Lisa Semenza POP, Sara Knoble GRO,  Diane Pamel DRY, Annette Birdsall, TCPL, Jenny Shonk FLLS, Amanda Schiavulli FLLS, Caroline Chatterton CATO, Cathy Sorber APAL, Deborah Geier FLLS, Rex Helwig FLLS, Anna Chappell PORT, Mary Frank PECK, Carla Piperno-Jones UNS, Priscilla Berggren-Thomas HOM, Ksana Broadwell TRU, Sarah Glogowski, Meredith Gallaro OWE, Fran Miller BERK, Elizabeth Helmetsie SPE.

Remote Attendees: Aimee – Cortland; Brandi – Waterloo; Chris – Waverly; Danette – Auburn; Heather – McGraw; Tammy – Newfield; Susie – Lansing

Minutes: prepared by Shannon O’Connor, Ovid

Introductions and Announcements:

  • Annette Birdsall was introduce as the new director of TCPL.
  • Sarah G. – minimum standards questionnaire for directors to complete has been emailed. If trouble completing, try a different browser. Helping All Trustees Succeed (HATS) Mini-Webinars for Library Trustees now available on State Library Website. Billing meeting on Nov. 27 from 10-11:30am. DAC meeting will be called in January. PLA – working with pioneer system to provide a bus. Scholarships will be available.

Approval of minutes – Cathy Sorber motions, Cheryl Austin seconds. Unanimous


Old Business

One Card, Many Libraries

  • Rex – holds situation – hold on item that will be picked up in a different library that does not allow a hold on that material, the patron will be denied the hold with the note, “exceeded material type limit.” Rex has reported as a bug, hopefully corrected in the future release.
  • Amanda suggests One Card considers this issue from a customer service standpoint.
  • Jenny has updated a loan policy chart and Deb will post this to the FLLS website under the ILL section.

2017 Computer Bulk Buy Wrap Up

  • Eric – Scheduling deliveries for the last 5 libraries. Chrome devices for PowerPacs working well.
  • Rex – consider a Chrome Box for a PowerPac. Less cost, graphics render quickly. Every library should consider putting into budget funds for a dedicated PowerPac.  

Reconstitute PowerPac Design Committee

  • Rex – No work done after August FALCONS meeting. Seeking input for moving forwards, Jenn TCPL, Jaci CORT, Meredith Coburn, offered up Lisa, AUB. Jaci – discussion for that committee about including the community connections feature in Polaris.
  • Rex – A reminder that you can create a content carousel on your website. You can link up to a bib record saved with up to 50 titles and go into the content carousel code and paste code into your website. The record set can be changed and will be updated overnight. In addition, you can give the code to a community organization to post on their website.  Instructions for doing this are on computer net services page under the toolkit link.

Discussion on Fine Handling and Write-Off Policy

  • Jaci – going to bring the write-off policy to the One Card Committee.
  • Rex –Fines are driven by patron type and collection code. If your collection code (for instance children’s books) is set to fine free, they will not generate a fine at any library they travel to. If you want to limit a patron type from generating fines – for instance, no fines for kids, you must set their patron type to fine free. Auto-renew has already decreased fines. Four libraries are currently fine free – AURO, TRU, LODI, UNS.
  • Sarah G. – at NYLA presentation on fine free, libraries reported not seeing abuse of the system. Libraries are reporting an increase in circulation. City of Syracuse main branches are piloting fine-free for children. Other systems are urging libraries to consider fine free.
  • Annette will share articles to support a fine-free policy.
  • Sarah G. will look into the out-of-system ILL fine of $1/day. The average cost to process an out-of-system ILL is $25. Out of system, and out of state, patrons are using FLLS libraries for the no-cost out-of-system ILL’s.

New Business

Upcoming Workshops and Training

  • Jenny – 1 more LEAP training to reschedule.
  • Grant writing workshop – tips and time to work one-on-one. Nov. 30 at 1pm at FLLS.
  • Community Library Collaborations – Dec. 7 with Tom Vitale.
  • 1:1 appointments with Jenny available in Dec.
  • Annual report training January and February.
  • Database training in the spring – Job Now will replace Learning Express
  • Library Funding Advocacy Workshop with Rebekah Smith Aldrich in April. Workshop followed by 1:1 session for questions.
  • Rex – LEAP ready for prime time with circulation. Each release the functionality grows. No cataloging feature as of yet. If you are going to use LEAP – contact Rex first to get the receipt printer set-up. Annette – password access – the passwords never change. Rex would have to create user id’s for each individual. Keep Rex up-to-date on staffing. $1150/year – if you use LEAP as a third client, you need to pay for the cost of that client. Rex wants all libraries to begin using LEAP in the upcoming year.

Windows 10 Creators Update & Symantec Endpoint Protection

  • Eric – each library received a flashdrive with the newest edition of Symantic Anti-Virus. Eric will send directions on how to use. Directions also found on the FLLS website under computer services, how-to section. Keep flashdrive in a safe location as it will be used to transfer upgrades to libraries.
  • Moving towards automatic computer updates. Deepfreeze can schedule window updates automatically. Leave public computers (including laptops) on Saturdays to run their own updates. These big updates run into problems if Symantec or Deepfreeze not updated. Eric will be contacting libraries to remote control update computers. Looking at Windows 10 updates to see how to make easier for the libraries to ease bandwidth usage. Windows 10 always wants to update. Symantic updates every single day. Do staff computer updates on your own determined schedule.

Open Discussion or Additional Topics if Submitted

  • Possible to put up two calendars on the website and embed them into your website. You could have multiple.
  • Reminder from Rex about patron privacy. No patron information can be handed over without a subpoena.

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