FALCONS Meeting May 2019

Falcons Meeting Minutes

Date: May 16, 2019

Present: Heidi Eckerson (ALTER), Lisa Carr (AUB), Sandy Groth (AURO), Marcia Enright (CAN), Aimee Dorward (CORT), Theresa Mekeel (CORT), Diane Pamel (DRY), Priscilla Berggren-Thomas (HOM), Susie Gutenberger (LAN), Carol Ford (NEVA), Dani Perkins (NEW), Heather Dungey (OVID),
Lisa Semenza (POP), Anna Chappell (PORT), Jenney Burnett (SENF), Jen Schlossberg (TCPL), Ksana Broadwell (TRU), Carla Jones (UNS),
Cheryl Austin (WEED)

Remote via ZOOM: Fran Miller (BERK), Gayle James (CATO), Allen Tomkins (FAIR), Mary Frank (MARA), Heather Cobb (MCGR), Liz Helmetsie (SPE), Brandi Rozelle (WAT), Chris Brewster (WAV)

Introductions & Announcements

  • Jenny Shonk announced FLLS is weeding Graphic Novels
  • Anna Chappell announced she is putting together a kit on cued speech (to better serve the deaf community and their families).

Approval of minutes: motion made by Lisa Semenza/second by Priscilla Berggren-Thomas. Unanimous.

Old Business

  • One Card
    • (Rex) Please update the Patron Registration when there is an Expiration block during Checkout regardless of where the patron is registered. Patrons with expired cards won’t receive Auto-renewals or be able to access licensed databases or services like Overdrive, Hoopla and RBdigital.
    • (Jen Schlossberg) Please check links to library policies if you have a page through FLLS.
  • Patron Purge (Rex): Patron purge is completed. Rex is working on adding duplicate patron blocks. Please put in correct DOB – this is used to identify duplicate patron records. Use 1/1/1901 for institutional cards.
  • 2019 Bulk Buy (Eric)
    • The CNS page on the FLLS website will be updated with the order form and quotes. Forms will be due in 3 weeks.
    • FLLS will no longer roll down computers to be used for PAC. Eric recommends using a Chromebox.
    • MS Office
      • 2007 is no longer supported
      • 2010 – support will end in 2020
      • 2013 and 2016 are good. 2019 is available for $29 at TechSoup
  • BYOD printing: Rex will continue to investigate mobile/cloud printing. Libdata has something in beta but it might not work with phones. Also Libdata Wi-Fi is not Cloud based. Rex is looking at TBS Cloud at a cost of $295 per library annually. TCPL is using Envisionware.
  • Remediation of Pests (Sarah): Sarah will use Friends money to buy small hotboxes for libraries. FLLS has a large one that can be borrowed by member libraries if necessary.

New Business

  • Training (Jenny Shonk):
    • Catalog Clean-up scheduled for July (after Polaris upgrade). There is a lot of item maintenance to be done. Jenny will call libraries when she sees a problem. Nora loves to weed and she’ll come to your library to help if you need it. Contact Deb G with problems regarding bib records. Deb, Nora, and Jenny will develop recommended parameters for item records.
      • Rex will put Collection Code Chart on the website
      • Staff access to item maintenance: To keep the database in good shape after the catalog clean up, item maintenance training will be required. Jenny will send out information and a survey asking when people were trained. New employees will not have permission for item maintenance until completing training.
    • Member Library Loan Policies: Jenny Shonk shared a chart created by Linda Beins that needs to be updated. Please send Jenny and Rex any updates to your library loan policies. Also send Jenny information about your library fine policies.
    • Census 2020: Sara wants to know what member libraries are concerned about.
      • Make sure your frontline staff know how to use the internet
      • Workshops will be available in early 2020
  • IUG Update (Rex)
    • Rex talked to vendors such as Chilifresh, Content Café about the PAC. Rex isn’t interested in ChiliPAC at $10,000 to allow patrons to make and share booklists. He talked to Quipo, a company that verifies addresses. UMS now has a patron address update service. StackMap allows libraries to map their collections
    • Innovative has “my library” app that can work with Polaris. Rex will work with sales rep to get pricing.
    • BayScan-Datalogic 2D scanners can work in Leap and with desktop client and will read the 2D barcode from the back of any state license and prefill Name, Address and Birth Date. Previous scanners only read 1D barcode formats.

Open Discussion

  • Polaris upgrade to 6.3 in July. Some of the features included in this upgrade:
    • We can edit additional saved reports in Simply Report
    • Security improvement with “forgot my password” to follow acceptable security standards
    • Item bulk change template to apply repetitive bulk changes
    • LEAP offline will be available
    • Polaris gate additions for new PAC “Inspire Discovery”
    • Record set “undelete” will be available
  • Potential new features coming in 6.4 which will include:
    • New TOMs (such as Playaways)
    • LEAP outreach parity project
    • IdeaLab winner
  • There was some discussion about LEAP as a replacement for the Polaris Client – we would need quickbibs and spine label printing. Future innovations to the LEAP product will be driven by the IdeaLab.
  • Cheryl Austin asked about recommendation for headphones. Eric will look into it and get a price.
  • Rex announced FLLS will start charging for spine label sheets.

Respectfully submitted by Lisa Carr, Secretary

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