FALCONS Meeting Minutes – May 2016

Date:                     May 19, 2016

Present:               Xun Jiang (Nichols), Fran Howe (Candor), Rex (FLLS), Carla Piperno-Jones (Union Springs), Sara Knobel (Groton), Lisa Carr (Auburn), Cheryl Austin (Weedsport), Priscilla Berggren-Thomas (Homer), Diane Pamel (Dryden), Susie Gutenberger-Fitzpatrick (Lansing), Deborah Geier (FLLS), Lisa Semenza (Poplar Ridge), Eric Franks (FLLS), Amanda Schiavulli (FLLS), Annette Birdsall (Trumansburg), Sandy Groth (Aurora), Tammy Kubinec (Newfield), Jacie Spoon (Cortland), Heather Cobb (McGraw), Aimee Dorward (Cortland), Chris Brewster (Waverly), Jen Schlossberg (TCPL), Cathy Wakeman (Dryden), Elizabeth Helmetsie (Spencer), Shannon O’Connor (Ovid), Stephanie Langer (Newark Valley), Seneca Falls (via webinar)


Introduction and Announcements


  • Ballot voting – please send results to Kristi Downham
  • Scholarship – FLLS is awarding a free trip to Rural Small Library Conference in Fargo, ND


  • Anne Frank program is coming up


  • Trumansburg’s Library Libations event is on June 8th at Americana

Approval of Minutes (Rex)

  • Minutes accepted as written

Old Business

One Card, Many Libraries – System-wide common card (Lisa Carr)

  • Name change – common card that gets in the way – not same rules
  • Sharing a patron database
  • Extension of what you are already doing in each of your counties
  • You don’t have to get cards at each of the counties
  • Timeline delay – implementation and launch – pushed it out to August 29 – September 2
    • June – August – working on documentation
    • Clean up patron records
      • SQL in find tool – and Jenny has a video on using the find tool
      • Patrons who don’t have a birthdate
      • Don’t have a stat class and volunteers for new procedures
    • FAQs for member libraries and patrons
    • Train staff
    • Jen Schlossberg is writing the Agreement in August
  • After September 2 libraries will begin merging patron records
  • Mid-September – evaluate project and identify issues
  • Home library piece – how do we handle?
    • Where patrons are counted
    • Rex will write a report for the annual report
    • Home library is usually where you pay taxes, but it doesn’t make a big difference
    • What we suspect is that your patrons are the ones that fund and pay your taxes
  • Email Lisa if you have any questions at all or suggestions
  • July will share best practices

Hoopla Streaming Video (Amanda)

  • Live June 13
  • Right now we are live – one patron per month
  • After “live” – 3 patron circs per month
  • FLLS will track what patrons are using it for: video, audio, comics, TV shows
  • Amanda demonstrated how to use it.
  • Hoopla has an app
  • SIP2 authentication
  • Fine block of level 2 fines – whatever blocks at our library
  • Use demos to view formats
  • 3 day checkout period for movies and longer for other formats – Amanda will send out a chart
  • No waiting list and no holds
  • Everyone will have access for 2 years

Problems or Considerations

  • FLLS is still short a little money so libraries can contribute if their budget allows
  • How much data will be needed for this service?
  • How are libraries going to handle patrons streaming in house
    • Rex thinks libraries should look if they should pay for a higher level of service
  • It’s not taking .org emails
  • Rex says they don’t share emails, but Amanda said she will check
  • iii – third party integration – Hoopla, Zinio – Rex signed on to speed up integration
  • Do we want to load ½ million Hoopla records into Polaris
  • Need internet access to stream
  • When will the limit reset

Autorenew (Rex)

  • Autorenew does not work in a way that is ideal for a consortium because the policy of the assigned library instead of the transacting library dictates if it can be renewed. This can be a problem because some items renew and some do not.
  • Reminder notice will tell them what is renewed
  • Look at wording of Reminder notices to see it there is text to add
  • Sarah G. strongly encourages member libraries to implement this feature

Web Hosting

  • Cato, Dryden, Newfield, and Groton have all expressed interest in coming on.
  • Lansing has found other hosting.
  • Shared host cost can be as low at $15 a year.
  • Email Eric if interested in migrating.
  • Can get unlimited emails linked to your domain
  • Checked your director email to see if you have messages from patrons
  • WordPress training – Jenny is conducting
  • Tioga County is having one – limited to 10 people – come if you are a newbie

New Business

2016 Computer Bulk Buy (Eric)

  • NY state contract will Dell – expired in December and nothing new in place yet (May and June is renegotiate)
  • The pricing from Dell is closer to full price – more than $1,000
  • Touchscreens for LEAP $260 extra
  • Laptops and all-in-ones have touchscreen options

Chromeboxes – little box that you plug in your monitor, mouse, and keyboard – peripherals

  • Works with Libdata
  • These would be for patrons
  • Install Office 365 versus using Google doc stuff
  • Don’t need Deepfreeze or anti-virus software
  • Annual charge for 365
  • USB drives
  • If you want a Chromebox, go through Eric
  • Not sure it works with PowerPAC – does it timeout and refresh
  • Install printer into Google Cloud Print

Office 365 – all of documents are in Microsoft One Drive

Polaris Upgrade

  • June 8th
  • Will not be available until noon
  • New version
  • Not big changes
  • Highlights
    • “You saved” receipt message is on receipt
    • New TOM icons – 10 new format icons
    • Did you mean? And only suggest those things with potential results
    • # of linked items linked from BIB record
    • Patron barcodes with merging will transfer
    • Simply Reports – edit saved reports parameters Does not retroactively work
    • LEAP – many updates Will be the Polaris staff client for everything Cataloging is next Load Ithaca receipt printer drivers Bulk checkin Merge patrons Polaris resources are going into developing LEAP Email receipts – you can already do this

Open Discussion

e-rate discounts for new routers

  • Rex will need CIPA compliance checklist completed
  • need information from schools

Receipt paper

  • Fran asks about Vitamin C receipt paper BPA and BPS free
  • $1.50 a roll at Green Star

One-Click Digital – Lisa

  • Lisa Carr would like to turn it on
  • How do you save money?

If you buy from Recorded Books, if you buy digital/physical book then you get physical/digital at discount – 40% discount

Next meeting – August 18, 2016 – Rex will not be able to attend

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