FALCONS Meeting Minutes – February 2021

FALCONS Meeting Minutes – February 18, 2021

The meeting was held on Zoom. Rex called it to order at 9:31 AM.

FLLS Staff Present: Nora Burrows, Eric Franks, Deb Geier, Sarah Glogowski, Rex Helwig, Jenny Shonk

Member Libraries Present: Cathy Sorber (APAL), Lisa Carr (AUB), Sandra Groth (AURO), Fran Miller (BERK), Marcia Enright (CAN), Aimee Dorward (CORT), Jen Graney (CORT), Theresa Mekeel (CORT), Allen Tompkins (FAIR), Sarah Knobel (GRO), Priscilla Berggren-Thomas (HOM), Suzie Gutenberger (LAN), Mary Frank (MARA), Heather Cobb (MCGR), Erin Chapman (NEVA), Sue Chaffee (NEW), Heather Dungey (OVID), Lisa Semenza (POP), Jenny Burnett (SENF), Jen Schlossberg (TCPL), Ksana Broadwell (TRU), Carla Piperno-Jones (UNS), Brandi Rozelle (WAT), Chris Brewster (WAV), Cheryl Austin (WEED)


Introductions: None

Sarah Glogowski

  • FLLS will be working on the Direct Access Plan this year. Sarah will move discussion about the plan from FALCONS to the Director’s meeting.
    • Sarah is asking for an open/honest discussion about Polaris LEAP.

Eric Franks

  • Bulk buy information will be available at the May FALCONS meeting

Election of Vice Chair & Secretary
• Lisa Semenza, Poplar Ridge – Vice Chair and Brandi Rozelle, Waterloo – Secretary — accepted unanimously

Old Business

  • One Card:
    • Sarah asked everyone to start thinking about the Direct Access Plan, including One Card, Many Libraries since that program made up the major changes to the last DAP.
    • Rex asked everyone to resolve duplicate patron blocks when you can
    • Lisa Carr (AUB) announced Seymour is no longer sending library patrons to collections. Jen Schlossberg reminded everyone that TCPL had also ended collection agency.
  • Polaris Upgrade 6.7
    • Rex reported the upgrade went smoothly. He did find a problem with the DataLogic scanners that are used for scanning licenses. He will send a new programming sheet to the FALCONS list to re-program these scanners.

New Business

  • Innovative Users Group conference will be held virtually. If you are interested in attending, please let Rex know by the end of February. There are funds available to cover the registration fee.
  • Patron purge – the group decided to skip the patron purge this year.
  • Polaris Leap
    • Polaris LEAP: Rex provided background/history on LEAP. Innovative is dedicated to bringing parity between LEAP and the traditional Polaris client.
    • Documentation.iii.com – click on POLARIS
    • Innovative.libguides.com – training and learning
    • IDEA Lab – Let Rex know if you have an enhancement request
    • Rex will send documentation on how to set up receipt printing for LEAP
    • Jen Schlossberg (TCPL) requested a training outline for staff training
    • Rex stated FLLS/CNS will need to revisit how to charge member libraries for Polaris
    • Chat consensus: many libraries not using LEAP; due to lack of staff comfort and/or not setting a need (client works fine); some library staff reported patron registration is easier on LEAP; holds are easier to manage on LEAP
      • Rex addressed questions on privacy concerns: LEAP server has an SSL certificate that encrypts all the information moving back and forth from the Staff browser and the Leap Server. We can also setup a special Permission Group for your library if there are staff you don’t want to have access to Leap.

Next meeting: 5/20/2021 at 9:30 a.m.

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