October is Dyslexia Awareness Month

Register Now for the Lodi Literacy Hub: The Road to Decode Begins at the Library Workshop Thursday, October 27th at 10 am

Libraries are for everyone, including readers who struggle with dyslexia or other learning differences. During Dyslexia Awareness Month, join Lodi Whittier Library Director Beth Bevars, Marion Waldman and Tracy Young from Teach My Kid to Read, and Human Rights Attorney Laurie Puhn Feinstein for an informative and inspirational look at how libraries can serve all readers.  Beth will share the story behind Lodi’s Literacy Hub, a program created to provide struggling readers and their families with evidence-based phonics literacy materials.  Seeded with money from an Outreach Mini Grant in 2019, the Hub has grown to offer support and guidance to families and schools within her community. Teaming up with Teach My Kid to Read, an organization dedicated to working with libraries to create community literacy solutions, has magnified the message across NYS and the country.  Learn how your library can be part of this movement.

All registrants will receive a digital toolkit or a USB drive populated with handouts.

Did you know that FLLS employees, Library Directors, Member Library employees and Trustees are invited to attend workshops that FLLS hosts? We’ve got some great workshops slated for this season! You can learn more and register for these free workshops here.

Our workshops can fulfill continuing education requirements for your New York State Public Librarian Certificate or your New York State Trustee Education requirement. Please note that the 2 hour Trustee Education requirement begins in January 2023.

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