Tails and Tales 2021

Summer planning meeting 2021, Tails and Tales

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Tails and Tales: Summer 2021

The 2021 Summer Planning Meeting was held virtually on March 17, 2021.

It’s been a difficult year. Please remember to take care of yourself.


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You will need to keep track of summer reading statistics so that they can be submitted to the State Library, twice. Once for statewide collection of summer reading numbers and once on the annual report.

Key takeaway: Keep track of what you are doing, but don’t stress about it.

The State typically asks for:

  • Number of registrations
  • Minutes/pages/activities completed
  • Number of programs
  • Program attendance
  • Collaborations

Here is a draft of the 2021 Summer Survey, which will be due in September: Draft 2021 Summer Survey PDF Icon Small


Tracking Reading

The NYS Library makes the online registration and book/time logging software READsquared and its app available for free. To create a READsquare site for your library, you will need to contact the company. It usually takes a couple of days for the company to set up your site. If you have had a READsquared site in the past, you do not need to create a new one. You just need to update your site for this year. Check out the NYS Library’s summer reading website for more information and archived webinars about READsquared.

Other ideas for tracking reading include:

  • using Google forms
  • paper – log or record, bookmark, punch card (see meeting slides for examples)
  • read & bead, lanyard & pin (see meeting slides for more info)



  • Adult program ideas from Jenny – these can be adapted for children and teens and can be done virtually
    • Adoption Fair: Partner with a local shelter or SPCA to hold an in-person adoption fair at the library or a virtual tour.
    • Animal Origami Crafts or Book Folding: See manual for ideas.
    • Audubon Society/Bird Watching: See manual for ideas.
    • Author Talks
    • Bird Feeder or Bird House Crafts
    • Dungeons & Dragons Tournament
    • Paint & Sip or Paint Your Pet
    • Paranormal or Spooky Tales: Invite a local historical society.
    • Pet Photo Contest: See manual for ideas.
    • Pet Toy Crafts: Snuffle mats, catnip toys, rope toys, cat shelters. Create for a personal pet or donate to a local rescue/shelter. See manual for ideas.
    • Re-Tail: Promote local businesses or host a career fair.
    • Storytelling Series or Tell Us Your Tale: Memoir writing workshop. Story-writing contest. Contact a local university, college, or writing group.
    • Tail-pipes: Host a car show at the library.
    • Tail-spin Crafts: Stress-relief crafts.
    • Tales & Cocktails/Mocktails: Share drink recipes and stories.
    • Tales & Trails: Hiking book club, self-guided hikes, or photo contest. Have an experienced hiker offer tips and tricks.
    • Tall Tales: Creative writing workshop. Contact a local university, college, or writing group.
    • Therapy Dogs or Reading Buddies
    • Vet Tales/Tails: Ask a local vet to share tips and tricks for new pet parents.
  • 2021 Teen Video Challenge
  • Check out the meeting slides for more program ideas, including ones that your colleagues have done! Slides with notes from the meeting PDF Icon Small
  • Check out some of last year’s program ideas, since animal stories and fairy tales crossover from last year’s theme (Imagine Your Story) to this year’s theme (Tails and Tales)! FLLS Imagine Your Story 2020
  • Places for ideas

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