System Meeting: Whistle While You Work and They’ll Poke Your Eyes Out

Whistle While You Work and They’ll Poke Your Eyes Out:

Conflict Among Coworkers and How to Deal With It

Thursday, July 21, 2016

9:30am-11:30ish (We have her until noon but we understand if you need to leave early)

Register here:

Additionally, the presenter has created a completely ANONYMOUS Survey Monkey for participants to submit real life examples of conflicts prior to the class to discuss:

Description of the program:

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable . . . and tricky to manage! Come expand your skills and confidence as we examine some useful techniques, then explore real-life work conflicts involving coworkers, and how they might be resolved. To make our session more fun and useful to you, you’re invited to anonymously submit the workplace conflicts that have stymied you here. We’ll consider as many as time allows during the workshop.

Whatever your position, you’ll leave this session with greater understanding of your current skill level, a deeper insight into areas for growth, and strategies and resources for becoming even more adept at managing conflict in the workplace!

Mary Fellows is the Manager of Youth and Family Services at Upper Hudson Library System in Albany, New York.  In addition to having a library degree, Mary considers herself a graduate of the School of Hard Knocks with an advanced degree in conflict management. Mary has furthered her education by navigating workplace dissension in multiple previous library administrative and youth services jobs. She believes that conflict precedes growth, and she especially enjoys helping others become more adept at managing their own work conflicts.

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