Audio Visual Services

Audio Visual Services

FLLS Disc Cleaning Service

Finger Lakes Library System offers a DVD/CD, BLU-RAY, and videogame cleaning service for member libraries:

  • DVD/CDs will be cleaned/polished for $2.00 per disc. BLU-RAY will be cleaned/polished for $3.00 per disc.
  • Any genre of disc can be cleaned including DVDs, BOCDs, BLU-RAY, music CDs and video game discs.
  • If you have a two sided DVD, each side is considered one disc. Therefore, a double-sided DVD will be $4.00/disc. If you want only one side cleaned, you will have to clearly specify the side needing repair, and the charge would be $2.00.
  • You will receive a monthly bill reflecting all the discs cleaned for your library in that month.
  • Discs that are cracked will be returned to the owning library; we can only clean/polish scratched discs.
  • Each library is asked to send no more than 10 discs at a time in for cleaning.
  • Due to staffing, we may have your discs for up to three weeks.
How to send in your discs:
  • Please send your discs in their original cases with a clear note indicating which discs need cleaning.
  • Include a Disc Cleaning Request form with each group of discs you send in for cleaning.
  • Send the discs to the attention of Malia Hall.

**DISCLAIMER: We can offer no guarantees that the cleaning/polishing will correct whatever problem was reported by a patron. Normal fees will apply regardless of the results.**

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