2016 Annual Meeting

The fifty-eighth Annual Meeting of the Finger Lakes Library System was held October 14, 2016 at the Ithaca Country Club, Tompkins County. The meeting was attended by 115 people, including: legislators, trustees, librarians, staff, and guests of the System.

The Annual Meeting began with a Meet & Greet attended by the following legislators:
Assemblyman Philip Palmesano, Senator Thomas O’Mara, Senator James Seward, Linda Smith representing Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton, and Laura Martin, Director of the Books Program in Senate District 52.

The following libraries won drawings for baskets of material for their libraries: Cortland Free, Seneca Falls, Spencer, and Hazard (Poplar Ridge). In addition, two autographed copies of Michael Stephens’ book “The Heart of Librarianship” were won by Lodi Whittier Library and Kellogg Free Library.

The “Ultimaker 2” 3-D printer was jointly awarded to the following four libraries: Groton Public, Southworth (Dryden), Lamont Memorial (McGraw), and Powers (Moravia).

Photos from the event are on our Facebook Page. Be sure to check the hashtags #FingerLakesLibrarySystem and #FLLSLibraries on our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Our keynote speaker was Library Information Systems Professor and Author, Michael Stephens who presented:

Learning Everywhere: The Transformative Power of Hyperlinked Libraries

Highlights from his talk include:

  • Think of reading differently when incorporating technology. It’s about the Content not the Container.
  • The New Generation of Learners: Expect to learn, study and work wherever they may be.
  • Think of the future of communication. Technology enables us to communicate in new ways such as through emojis and across distances.
  • Hyperlinks are people too. Library staff are the ultimate Hyperlinks. They connect and network their communities.
  • The library should be a safe space for EVERYONE. Design your libraries for people, not books.
  • Libraries are:
    • Classrooms.
    • Community learning connectors.
    • People.
  • Emotional intelligence and innovation management. How do you manage innovation?
  • Need a high degree of Curiosity!
  • Playing the “Devil’s Advocate” is a subtle way to resist change.
  • Listen and be empathetic to your community. The best leaders have empathy!
  • Look at libraries modeling an “Open +” system to extend service to their communities.
  • The Future:
    • We will become a worldwide classroom.
    • Embrace chaos.
    • Make time for exploration and learning; make a learning plan.
    • Give staff time for learning.
    • Value EVERYONE that comes into your building.
    • Be kind.
    • Be creative.
    • Be human.

It’s okay to fail.  Take risks and bring your heart with you.

Michael Stephens PowerPoint PresentationPDF Icon Small

The following Service Awards were presented: 

  1. Joan Cooke Youth Services Award –jointly to Sandra Groth of Aurora Free Library, and Lisa Semenza of Hazard Library, Poplar Ridge, presented by Amanda Schiavulli, Member Services Librarian, Finger Lakes Library System.
  2. Ruth Polson Distinguished Service AwardJean Currie, Edith B. Ford Memorial Library, Ovid, presented by Sally Eller, President, Finger Lakes Library System Board of Trustees.
  3. Library Trustee of the Year AwardLinda Williams, Coburn Library, Owego, presented by Sally Eller, President, Finger Lakes Library System Board of Trustees.
  4. Outreach AwardRebekah Abbey, Edith B. Ford Memorial Library, Ovid, presented by Jenny Shonk, Education & Outreach Librarian, Finger Lakes Library System.
  5. Jan Aguirre Customer Service AwardTom Fredette, Tompkins County Public Library, Ithaca, presented by Rex Helwig, Computer Network Services Manager, Finger Lakes Library System.
  6. New Library DirectorChris Brewster, Waverly Free Library, presented by Sarah Glogowski, Executive Director, Finger Lakes Library System.
  7. Library Director of the Year AwardAnnette Birdsall, Ulysses Philomathic Library, Trumansburg, presented by Sarah Glogowski, Executive Director, Finger Lakes Library System and accepted by Stevan Knapp, Board President.

Congratulations to all!


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