2016-2017 Outreach Mini Grants Awarded

Thank you everyone for applying for our 2016-2017 Outreach Mini-Grant cycle! It was a very difficult decision from our COSAC team but we were able to fund the following projects:

Southworth Library Association – Dryden

Project: Internet and Technology Instruction

Often people who come in need assistance on the computers, or finding information on the internet and we do not have to time to help them. In an effort to better provide for them we have participated with FLLS and the Tompkins Learning Partners (TLP) for a 3 year NYS Adult Literacy grant program to provide basic computer training in a self-paced model. The model has been effective for users, but does not always address a wider range of needs or specific questions or skills needed. The volunteers are from TLP which also limits our availability to help them. We would like to be able to continue providing computer support to our patrons when this grant cycle runs out (Spring 2016) and expand it to include updated operating systems and other skill sets as well, such as the use of Word, Excel and other more specific software programs or apps. We would also like to be able to take our program to the local low income housing development, Poet’s Landing, and provide computer training and support onsite for those who have transportation issues and cannot make it over to the library. The computer tutoring would be self-paced, as before, set up to occur at a time that works for both the tutors and those they are helping and would be facilitated primarily with volunteers from our library.

Awarded: $1,070

Groton Public Library

Project: Groton LEAP- Library Elementary Assistance Program

The goal of the Library Elementary Assistance Program (LEAP) is to provide a boost in education, literacy and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) skills for third grade elementary students by providing a fun, educational weekly program that will get students excited about learning while filling gaps in the curriculum and programming offered by the school. This program will also serve as a bridge to our successful middle school program, GPL Teen Thing, and our Summer Reading programs by getting kids involved in after school activities at the library and thus building the foundation for life-long love of learning through the Library.

Awarded: $2,924

Interlaken Public Library

Project: Get Ready, Get Set, Read at the Interlaken Library

Our goal is to provide quality, professional entertainment for our Summer Reading Program. We want to raise awareness of our Summer Reading Program, while generating excitement around reading, and encouraging higher attendance and engagement. Showing the public the library is a great place to visit.

Awarded: $400

Lodi Whittier Library

Project: Performers for Geographically Isolated

Our goal is to provide quality, professional entertainment for our Summer Reading Program participants-raising awareness of our SRP, generating excitement around reading, and encouraging higher attendance and engagement

Awarded: $400

Edith B. Ford Memorial Library

Project: Personal Computer Assistance 

To continue providing computer and technological help to patrons that have expressed a need and desire for one-on-one computer assistance. We have been able to establish a tech savvy community presence here at the Ford Memorial Library. Patrons come here specifically seeking computer assistance. Through this grant we are always able to meet the learning needs of our patrons. Not only are we building job skills for our community, we have been able to help edit and revise resumes and have seen this resulting in more people holding jobs in the community.

Awarded: $2,000

Seneca Falls Library

Project: Senior Tech Lab

The primary goal of the project is to create a program where teens can provide their expertise with the newest technological devices to elderly patrons who need help learning how to use them. This would help elders to learn new skills that will help them keep in contact with family, function in their jobs if they are still working, and keep them current with technology they use in their daily lives. Teens would benefit by fulfilling their mandatory volunteer hours and help them to build valuable social skills by interacting with a population in their community that they might not otherwise have many opportunities to interact with outside of their families.

Awarded: $1,000

Springport Free Library – Union Springs

Project: Large Print Books for Seniors

The goal of the project is to provide a variety of large print books to the seniors who use the public libraries.

Awarded: $1,000

Information about the Outreach Mini Grant

The review team is made up of our 8 member Coordinated Outreach Services Advisory Council (COSAC). The role of COSAC is to advise the Finger Lakes Library System’s Outreach Department, assists in the evaluations of its coordinated outreach activities, and works to promote collaborative efforts and partnerships. The Council is comprised of a mix of library directors and representatives from local human service agencies and institutions who serve our targeted outreach populations. We are always looking for new members. Please contact Amanda Schiavulli at aschiavulli@flls.org for more information on joining the council.

Funding was made possible for these grants through the New York State Library’s Coordinated Outreach Services Program. Under New York State Education Law, §273 (1) (h) (1), and Commissioner’s Regulations §90.3, Public Library Systems provide Coordinated Outreach Library Services directly and through their member libraries to New Yorkers who are most in need and who often are not regular library users. More information about the program can be found at http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/libdev/outreach/

Congratulations to all recipients!

COSAC looks forward to hearing about the success of your projects and reading next year’s applications!!

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