FALCONS Meeting Minutes – August 18, 2022

Minutes submitted by Jen Schlossberg

Attendees: Aimee Dorward (CORT), Allen Tompkins (FAIR), Amy Lamouroux (PORT), Andrea Tillinghast (OVID), Becky Grace (WAV), Brandi Rozelle (WAT), Carla Jones (UNS), Cathy Sorber (APAL), Deborah Geier (FLLS), Diane Pamel (DRY), Drew Urbanek (AUB, Eric Franks (FLLS), Erin Chapman (NEVA), Fran Miller (BERK), Gayle James (CATO), Heather Cobb (MCGR), Jen Schlossberg (TCPL), Jenny Shonk (FLLS), Laura Mielenhausen (TRU), Lisa Carr (AUB), Martha Nettleton (CIN), Priscilla Berggren-Thomas (HOM), Rex Helwig (FLLS), Samantha Black (WEED), Sandra Groth (AURO), Sarah Glogowski (FLLS), Sue Chaffee (NEW), Susie Gutenberger (LAN)

Introductions & Announcements

  • The group welcomed Amy Lamouroux from Port Byron Library.                  
  • Directors Meeting – Sarah mentioned that the minutes were sent out later that day.
    The CDC eliminated 6 feet distance which is included in these minutes.

Approval of Minutes

One correction from Diane at Dryden which Rex agreed to correct the previous minutes. Allen Tompkins made a motion to accept the minutes with changes. Brandi Rozelle seconded it. The minutes were approved.                                                                                                     

Old Business

2022 Computer Bulk Buy

  • Several libraries haven’t sent in their info about staging. Most of the computers are done for those who submitted their info. If you haven’t sent your information, please do so soon.
  • Chrome books and boxes – last year pricing was too high for boxes and with a limited lifespan. Now he’s looking for better fit. You haven’t missed out and he will be getting to this soon.

Polaris VEGA

  • FLLS signed the contract and it’s coming in the Fall now that III have released the consortium version.
  • At the same time this happened, the Meraki equipment came in for the ARPA grant. He delayed it until September.
  • He’ll be reaching out to us for guidance.
  • FLLS will be doing training for Vega.

Polaris Text Messaging Notifications

  • Text messages – should be a last resort because 2 ½ cents per text message to send these. Prefers email.
  • Never have patrons receive receipts via text messages because they receive a text for each item checked out.
  • Don’t check box that says “additional text message.” Rex said he can’t remove this option from the client, but maybe in LEAP.

New FLLS Datacenter     (FLLSPRO Server OS Upgrade)

  • FLLS replaces their data center every 5 years – they were running out of room. They doubled the terabytes and it happened smoothly.
  • In September, operating system upgrade on the Polaris production server. It takes about an hour. Scheduling some Wednesday morning in September.            

New Business

2023 Falcons Budget

  • Reviewed summary – increased salaries and benefits 3.5%
  • Public Web Browser is included because FLLS needs to renew the license every two years
  • Software maintenance has a slight decrease because Rex took out Chilifresh covers/images and NoveList Select. Vega does not use either of those services and instead we will be moving to Syndetics Unbound which will replace both of these.
  • Server room generator dashboard is in budget
  • Server and firewall support is down because FLLS bought new data center with 5 years of support and maintenance is included
  • Supply prices went up for cards and barcodes. Barcode prices almost doubled.
  • IUG Conference – This year’s conference is possibly in-person, but not sure where.
  • Didn’t determine how much they were going to charge Alternatives Library which was just an oversight. NYS encourages FLLS for follow formulas based on your LLSA (Local Library Services Aid). Alternatives doesn’t get LLSA funding because they are not a public library so FLLS needs to figure out a fair charge.
  • Budget is back to the 2020 budget amount. Due to COVID the budget was reduced in 2021 and 2022 by 3%.
  • Fiscal budget is January – December
  • Meraki router equipment – installed in the libraries that are CIPA compliant.


  • Jen at TCPL gave RFID update
  • Syndetics Unbound – book jackets, reviews, summaries, upload images (no trial). If we can upload our own images where will they be stored? Rex isn’t sure yet.
  • Jen at TCPL asked if there is a trial to Syndetics Unbound that she can share with the librarians so they are familiar with the product. Rex does not have a trial.
  • Lisa asked if they can see libraries that are using Syndetics Unbound with Vega so this can be shared with staff. She also asked if he knows what the differences are between SU and NoveList? Look at other libraries:
  • North Country Library System (66 libraries) is switching to Polaris and Vega in late Fall.
  • PowerPAC will not be shut off right away. NoveList will shut off June 2023
  • Eric – Heidi will be creating a get-together with members about how to acquire hybrid equipment. Look for that invitation.
  • Adjourned at 10:06

Next FALCONS meeting November 17, 2022

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