Audio Visual Services & Cataloging

FLLS Disc Cleaning Service

Finger Lakes Library System offers a DVD/CD, BLU-RAY, and videogame cleaning service for member libraries:

  • DVD/CDs will be cleaned/polished for $2.00 per disc. BLU-RAY will be cleaned/polished for $3.00 per disc.
  • Any genre of disc can be cleaned including DVDs, BOCDs, BLU-RAY, music CDs and video game CDs.
  • If you have a two sided DVD, each side is considered one disc. Therefore, a double-sided DVD will be $4.00/disc. If you want only one side cleaned, you will have to clearly specify the side needing repair, and the charge would be $2.00.
  • You will receive a monthly bill reflecting all the discs cleaned for your library in that month.
  • Discs that are cracked will be returned to the owning library; we can only clean/polish scratched discs.
  • Each library is asked to send no more than 10 discs at a time in for cleaning.
  • Due to staffing, we may have your discs for up to three weeks.
How to send in your discs:
  • Please send your discs in their original cases with a clear note indicating which discs need cleaning.
  • Include a Disc Cleaning Request form with each group of discs you send in for cleaning.
  • Send the discs to the attention of Malia Hall.

**DISCLAIMER: We can offer no guarantees that the cleaning/polishing will correct whatever problem was reported by a patron. Normal fees will apply regardless of the results.**

Need help choosing items for your film collection? Please visit our Film Collection Development Section for collection ideas and film lists.

Cataloging Services

Please contact Deborah at for more information about the following services we offer:

  • Processing temporary Polaris bibliographic records (Quick bibs) created by individual member libraries. These temporary records are merged by System staff into fully edited bibliographic records. Instead of sending newly published/acquired materials in to the System for processing where there may be a delay of up to a month, the creation of Quick bibs allows for these materials to be immediately circulated to patrons.
  • When a Quick bib cannot be created on Polaris, newly published/acquired books can be sent in to the System where they will be physically processed with a mylar jacket, spine label, and a local item holding added to Polaris. Non-book materials (videos, audio books, music, etc.) sent in for processing will be handled in the same manner except that no physical processing will be performed except for the production of spine labels.
  • Providing “Please process” forms to accompany newly published/acquired materials sent in to the System for processing.
  • Providing barcodes and spine labels for newly published/acquired materials processed locally by member libraries.
  • Providing genre spine labels for newly published/acquired materials: W (westerns), S (science fiction), M (mysteries), REF (reference), YA (young adult), EASY READER (children’s readers), LT (large type), O (oversize books).
  • Processing requests to add new titles to the FLLS Union List of Serials on Polaris for newly published/acquired periodical subscriptions.
  • Providing consultation on cataloging and classification issues including the creation of Quick bibs. Questions on item holding maintenance are to be submitted to the Computer Network Services training coordinator.
  • Providing assistance on ad hoc cataloging projects.